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  1. VoicelessPilot

    Next recipe

    I'm using the pale lme
  2. VoicelessPilot

    Next recipe

    I just bought the classic American light, with booster. Wondering what you think of adding the booster and brewmax lme softpack
  3. VoicelessPilot

    Temp control

    I like that, what brand/size is that mini fridge
  4. VoicelessPilot

    Temp control

    I want to control the temps of the fermentation process in my lbk, where do I start and what do I do?? Any advice would be great.
  5. VoicelessPilot

    New brewer with a question

    Yes sorry, after the water boiled I removed it from heat and then added the extract.
  6. VoicelessPilot

    New brewer with a question

    Thank you for easing my assimilated mind, gotta say this seems very addicting.
  7. VoicelessPilot

    New brewer with a question

    Last week I received the bewitched amber ale kit, sanitized everything even soaking the can itself in the sanitizer. After opening the can I noticed what looked to be paper in the extract, I scooped out what I could with a sanitized spoon and added the rest to the boiling water. My question is, is my brew shot? It's been fermenting a week roughly at 66 to 70 degrees.