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  1. Silverado22

    Powerful Patriots Ale

    Thanks Shrike. I believe I read that in another post somewhere here. This is going to be my second batch ever, so thought about experimenting a little but don't want to ruin the batch. Thats why I'm looking for comment / advice.
  2. Silverado22

    Powerful Patriots Ale

    Getting ready to start brewing the Powerful Patriots Ale. Going to be adding 1 pkg. of booster. Also thinking of adding about 4 oz. of Clover honey. Any of you friendly brewers have any advice or comment about these additions?
  3. Silverado22

    The not-so-famous CAL experiment

    As with any real scientific experiment. The more variables you can eliminate, the more equal and trustworthy your results will be. So... I would recommend you start them all at once, and bottle them all at once. Time and temperature are variables that you can eliminate.