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  1. Rokitman, any updates? Should be about ready to taste by now? Inquiring minds want to know. I still haven't brewed mine yet, as I have been way busy the last 2 months. At this rate, mine won't be ready until December something. But hopefully this week I can get it brewed and the fermentation started.
  2. For my last brew, I used glass bottles for the first time too. Instead of individually priming each bottle, I batch primed the whole lot using a bottling bucket (purchased at a local homebrew store). I found it very easy to do, and carbonation has been very consistent. I will do this on all of my batches from now on. I use the following calculator that seams to be a little more accurate, and can give you different CO2 amounts depending on the style of beer. Simply choose priming sugar calculator. Has options for table sugar, corn sugar, maple syrup, honey, etc. I used corn sugar and liked the results.
  3. 3 weeks bottle conditioning and my first taste. Wow! Great beer. I can see these going quickly. A hint of banana, and a bit of clove. Will certainly be re-ordering this recipe.
  4. Rokitman, any updates on this beer? I just made my yeast starter and hope to brew it this weekend.
  5. 7 week update. Had one beer last night. The flavor is certainly there. Tasted much better than the previous tastes. Still not holding much carbonation, but drinkable. Not a fantastic beer, but beer none the less. Looking forward to trying a bottle of wild Wheat next week some time. Also, just got my chest freezer all set up with temperature controller. Looking forward to brewing my first Lager soon (zombie fest). Going to make a starter for that batch today.
  6. Bottled the Wild Wheat tonight. FG = 1.014, so the calculator I used indicated a 5.2% ABV. Small sample I tasted (from hygrometer) was really good. First time using glass bottles (12 oz). I ended up breaking 2 bottles during the capping process. Don't know if I tried capping too tight, or was pushing down on the bottle too much. Even after throwing out those two bottles I got 22 full bottles and a 3/4 full one. Primed using a batch process in a bottling bucket and 4.125 ounces of corn sugar boiled in 2 cups of water. Will wait at least 3 weeks before I try this one, but really looking forward to it. Have an an idea for bottle labels, and will post here once they are complete.
  7. Yesterday tried another that had gone full 4 weeks, plus 3 days in the fridge. About the same results. I think I will just let these sit for a few more weeks before trying again. Tomorrow I will bottle my second batch of beer (Wild Wheat... see other thread). I am looking forward to that one, but will wait at least 3 weeks before thinking of cooling and trying one.
  8. Ok a question I have..... I am going to cold crash for the next 3 days. For this batch, I am thinking of batch priming for bottle carbinizing. To batch prime, I assume I need a bottling bucket. Do I drain from LBK, direct to bottle bucket, mix with corn sugar then bottle? Any way to batch prime without buying a bottling bucket? I suppose I could transfer to another LBK as that might be more economical.
  9. I'm following this thread. My next brew is going to be the zombie fest. Lots of good information on these forms so far.
  10. So cracked one tonight, since I am going out of town for the weekend. I am am very pleased with the result. Great crisp clean taste. When initially poured, it had a nice foam head, but that quickly dissipated and while the beer still had a few small bubbles, it was on the flat side. While it would certainly be easy to drink a bunch of these, I think I will wait another week or two and see if the retained carbonation improves. Granted I know it could very bottle to bottle, but just think this one needs a little more time.
  11. Friday will be the 3 week mark time from bottling. Today I put a couple of bottles in the fridge. I can't wait to try my first beer. Maybe tomorrow evening I'll crack one open.
  12. After 48 hours, the yeast is very active. Certainly a lot of foam activity on the top. (yes I kept it sealed). Will still go the full 3 weeks though. Temperature (air) inside the cooler holding at 67 degrees. This yeast calls for 68-72 so I think I am in the right range. I realize that the wort temperature will be a little higher with the fermentation going on. I'll report back when I have something new to report.
  13. Today I brewed my second batch of beer. I brewed the Wild Wheat recipe. The only change I made was instead of using the supplied yeast packets, I used a White Labs pitch pack of. WLP 300. It is one of their Hefenweisen yeasts, and hope it produces the traditional clove and banana flavors found in German style Hefe's. OG 1.053 pitch temperature was 57 degrees. Current Fermentation temperature at 64 degrees. Looking forward to to this one.
  14. Update. Bottled tonight. 10 full bottles and 1 about 1/4 way full. Tasted pretty good. Can't way to try one in a few weeks.
  15. 3 week update. Fermentation is done. Cold crashing in the fridge now. Will bottle on Wednesday or Thursday.