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  1. It'll be great.... Even if it isn't your best, its great because YOU did it yourself!
  2. Just gave this a try after fermenting for 12 days now, and it tastes quite good already.... Still pretty sweet as there is ALOT of fermentables in it, but so far has NONE of the extract 'twang'.
  3. Let me say first, that I am no expert by any means.... but the time that I used just white sugar I used sanitizer, and a funnel and let it sit for about 5 mins and then shook off the excess liquid.... I don't know how to keep the sugar from sticking to the funnel though. I don't think the extra bit that sticks to the funnel is a big difference maker though.
  4. I think you're ok.... I COULD be wrong, but you're ok. When I bottle prime (with drops), I dip my fingers in the sanitizer and shake them off..😁
  5. I think it's good practice to bring your sugar/water mix to boil, then cool it when you're batch priming. I just put the carb drops straight into bottles, I'm assuming that they are already quite sanitary. As for using just white sugar directly into the bottles, it never occurred to me that it needs to be sanitized..... I also assume that the alcohol already in the beer makes it an inhospitable place for bacteria to grow, atleast to the extent of what may be on the sugar granules.
  6. Whatever it is, just brew it and follow all the instructions and you won't regret it!
  7. In Palmer's book, he suggests using distilled water as he says that the LME has minerals from process of making the concentrate...
  8. I just made a version of the Amberosia tripel, and I found at first it was quite pungent and somewhat sulfury.... Perhaps it was the yeast, or the sterling hops.... Smells purdy gud now tho....
  9. I use the drops because when I ordered the refills, they come with the drops. The only time I used granulated sugar, was when I made the Aztec cerveza... and I didn't like the way that batch went. I have never had any problems with the drops, and bottle priming is easy to do and easy to check if you have primed or not. The only thing g that I have heard, is that you may have some bottle variation in carb levels.
  10. I thought about that, but to hell with him. I'm always nice and always buy several things whenever I show up. I'll keep my great beers for people who are nice. Maybe one day....l dunno.
  11. I haven't done any partial mashes yet, but I will in the near future. I'm still conditioning 2 batches that are almost ready now, and I have some craft brews to play with before I get to start the partial mashes. My LBS guy sorta looks down his nose at me every time I show up and ask him some advice about which hops would be a good recommendation with this or that HME.... and yeast combination (he knows i use MrB). He really knows his stuff, but I would look to go to another place if there was one anywhere close to conveniently near me.
  12. Being a somewhat new brewer myself, the biggest thing I can suggest is to ferment at the lower end of temp recommendation. Like around 62-65F for most recipes. I have taken to doing basic changes like swapping out the MrB yeast and and dry hopping... also, I have added varying amounts of LME or DME (just the light pale). As others have said, patience is your friend. I find that some of the brews need to sit for quite a bit more than what your kit says. Atleast 2 months is good.
  13. Yeah, if the thread on the opening of the barrel is damaged, I think you'd be better to get a new barrel. They're really cheap on Kijiji... I got an entire kit with 2 refills for $30... SCORE!
  14. Yes.... Because of the seam that is not even, I have to tighten quite tight in order for it not to leak... All of the barrels
  15. Or atleast some new gaskets...