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  1. Yes, ok... Good. My question was if I can use equal amounts? Do they equate somewhat similarly? I can't get the Brewmax packs here without being WAY overcharged in shipping. (1 Brewmax packet costs $35.87 Cdn)
  2. Hey guys.... I'm doing the Howling red ale recipe, and instead of using the Brewmax softpack, I bought a Briess golden light LME cannister. Since this cannister is really large, my question is how much would I use to equate to the original recipe? Would the softpack be more concentrated? I can't find anything that would tell me it's different. I won't use the whole cannister, but using only 1/5 of it seems wrong too. Thanks
  3. I've seen those, but they are the basic kits... No LME booster packs. Walmart here actually has alot more selection with free shipping over $50 (2 kits). I think what I'm gonna do in the future is to get the basic kits, and then go to my local brewing supply store for ingredients and advice to make some 'comperable' recipes from Mr Beer recipes. Who knows, they may actually turn out good. LOL.
  4. Cidery taste is gone... and Amazon Canada's pricing is not an option.. some refills are priced ridiculously.
  5. Yeah... i was tasting it a couple of times after 3 weeks and it didn't change. Still cidery. It does seem ok tho... just too bubbly. Tastes ok, just NOT like Mexican beer. On a side note.... I wish I could get access to the full Mr.Beer inventory at a reasonable price here in Canada... The shipping is almost % 200 more than the cost of the product. A $23 costs $64 after shipping.
  6. I was tasting it after 3 weeks, then after 4 weeks... There wasn't any taste difference between the two.
  7. Ok, I've read alot about the Mexican cerveza and how long it takes to finish and I have fermented it for over 3 weeks, and currently bottle conditioning for just over three weeks and had 1 bottle in the fridge for 3 days. I opened it and I tried it and it was really fizzy (like a soda pop) and very little head retention. It also didn't taste very much like Mexican beer. Does it need even more bottle conditioning? I can let it sit indefinitely, but after what time will it be at optimal? I currently have a NW IPA Almost ready.
  8. Translated that means "Too much foam and too little beer"
  9. Ok, I'm not going to get into a flame war with you, but I never said I wasn't going to listen.... It appears that it is you who is the one who's not listening. Yes I am new, and forums like this is a place where new people and experienced people alike come to SHARE ideas, no? I have done ZERO experiments so far, which is why I was suggesting.... suggesting only, that a list of the basic ingredients colour coded, would HELP a new brewer like myself as a STARTING point to begin with. Like saying; Yeast # 1 + Malt A + Hops X , is a COMMON and good combination. Yeast # 2, 3, 4 can also be used with this combination, with varying results. Yeast # 99, while is still useable, probably not an optimal combination. Same with .. Yeast # 1 + Malt C, D, and H, + Hops X, Y are also quite complimentary, while Malt H does not go well with Hops Z. You will notice, I have said nothing in terms of amounts and durations.... which is why experimenting and ones creativity is not able to be put in a 'colour coded' chart, JUST INGREDIENTS.
  10. I don't think you understood what I was trying to say. I was just saying that a colour coded system can give ideas on what ingredients are complementary and other colour coded ingredients are not so complementary. There's nothing wrong with another tool to have to take the guesswork out of brewing, and all it would do is add more interest. It wouldn't account for boil times or steeping or dry hopping... Just ingredients that work well together. Don't quash one's enthusiasm.... You're sounding like a beer snob. Thats a great start. I was also envisioning a colour coded type chart. Like yeasts that are coded blue to yellow for example... Then malt (extracts
  11. Yeah, that's like me.... I just bought a third full kit.... But I got it for $30 and it came with 2 refills!... SCORE! my problem is I already have 2 batches in bottles, and I have 4 yet to make!. Hahaha, good problems to have!
  12. Thats a great start. I was also envisioning a colour coded type chart. Like yeasts that are coded blue to yellow for example... Then malt (extracts or grains) that are complementary coded in such a way that you can put them together, OR experiment on the edge of the 'colour range'... And hops code similarly as well... It would be a compendium, as it were, of possible brew combinations.
  13. I was looking for a basic list of ingredients for a beginner to start to brew without just "adding water".... like a list of easily available yeasts, then a list of available LME's and DME's, and a list of common, and then not so common hops... This would be like "mix and match"....(at your own peril, mind you) and it would be a great way for a new brewer to get their feet wet and experiment. I know there are tonnes of recipes, but this is a way to experiment and learn in the process..
  14. Or you can also try cold water as things will shrink when cold..