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  1. Yes.... Because of the seam that is not even, I have to tighten quite tight in order for it not to leak... All of the barrels
  2. Or atleast some new gaskets...
  3. So will you be taking exchanges free of charge? All 3 of my kegs have the seam right down the middle and every time I tighten the nut, it marks up the rubber gasket. I'm worried that it will get all damaged sooner rather than later.
  4. If that wand ever comes out though....
  5. Seems like a smart choice, since people like using a bottling wand (with tubing that can attach properly to the spigot).
  6. The 'carafe' type....
  7. They 'notched' swing type.....
  8. I'm not quite sure which one is newer, but I have 2 different kinds as well. There's one that is like a swing type that stays at whatever flow speed want..... and the 'coffee carafe' type that I have to hold open, only as I don't have a bottle filling wand and leaving it open will flow too fast and make too many bubbles. They 'swing' type seems like it may be better as it is notched so you can use tubing if you want.
  9. I have the same line on o e of mine... I have thought about smoothing it out, but it doesn't leak so I'll smooth it out a bit later.
  10. I just ordered, Long play IPA, BEWITCHED Amber ale, and Churchill nut brown ale. A pretty eclectic mix of flavours. Maybe any advice on tinkering with the recipes, perhaps??
  11. I'm fermenting another batch now, and I added about 3/4 oz. of centennial hops for dry hopping. Smells nice and a tastes pretty good too.
  12. I have brewed the Diablo IPA straight up, and it's really good. I wouldn't recommend the Mexican cerveza straight up as I found it was quite 'cidery'. Only after about 3 months of conditioning was it just ok. The NW IPA, was also pretty good straight up but it also needs a fair bit of conditioning (2 months or so minimum)
  13. I haven't heard on this forum of people using the UK Pilgrim hops, so it was an experiment and it seems to have worked out.
  14. Well, just bottled this beer yesterday, and it cleared up real nice. All the krausen has disappeared, the yeast cake is nicely compacted and the initial taste test was "very tasty". I dry pitched the Bry-97 yeast, and used the UK pilgrim hops at flameout and kept it in during dry hop. I'm looking forward trying this one in about 5-6 weeks.
  15. Kraustzman