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  1. I do like the ease of use of the LBK. The size fits into a cooler nicely if need be. You can also fit one into a mini fridge. or 4 or more into a full size fridge. Brewing a variety of brews at once is a plus also. I'm coming up on my first year brewing in June, and I am on my 31st through 34th batches now. I don't think i'll brew any other method than the LBK. I have 8 LBK's i use in rotation now, while 4 are cold crashing I start 4 more. Brew on!
  2. 4 LBK's ...
  3. This is from a post of MRB Josh R some time ago. Have fun with the database. Lots of good info there. Brew on! Here is a yeast strain database I put together for our Customer Service Reps. Feel free to share it if you wish. The yeasts in green are ones we carry. Yeast Database
  4. So it could be a fiendishly hopped Irish American Stout IPA that is a rich, dark brew with a fiery amber color and displaying a blend of floral spice and stonefruit and chocolate aromas with intense mouthfeel and roasted bitter character and dry finish. Not even MrB has attempted this. Good luck and keep good notes for us. Brew on!
  5. Its ok to put the carbo drops in first, at least that's what I do. You may find your trub bottle will be over carbonated due to extra yeast and carbo drops. Brew on!
  6. Sounds like you did fine. you will get 11 PET bottles +/- 1/2 bottle each batch. That last bottle, make sure you lable it a trub bottle, because it won't taste the same as the others, because of the yeast.
  7. Here is a link on Hydrometer instructions. You may have inadvertently added air bubbles to the test tube under the hydrometer and lifted it up some when you poured the wort into the test tube with the hydrometer already inside. Not to worry though, as long as you followed the recipe and scraped and squeezed every bit of extract into the wort you can use the OG on the MB website. Follow the above instructions when you take your FG before bottling. Brew on!
  8. Just try to keep the splashing to a minimum. Oxygenating the brew at this point will not do good things for it. Keep your bottles tilted and let your brew fill down the side of the bottles as much as possible. If you can get a bottling wand it will simplify things. Brew on!
  9. I store all my yeast and any hops, as soon as I receive them from Mr Beer, in my refrigerator. A few hours before I use them, I get them out of the frig, so they can get up to room temp. Crazy things can go on in my life that can keep me from starting a brew. I like to err on the side of caution and freshness.
  10. Make sure you go to this post and be sure to read all the links at the bottom. Welcome to your new hobby.
  11. Try this one maybe.... . If your up to a challenge. Or maybe this one.. . Easy to make.
  12. You may or may not see high krausen in the LBK in the first 2-5 days. The "stink" you smell should be CO2 being excreted from the active yeast. I have seen "scum" on my batches for a day or two when my temps were to low. When the temps got up past 64 degrees the bubbling and high krausen was quite visable. This is according to Mr Beer...."After approximately 24 hours, you will be able to see the fermentation process happening by shining a flashlight into the keg. You'll see the yeast in action in the wort. The liquid will be opaque and milky, you will see bubbles rising in the liquid, and there will be bubbles on the surface." Hope this helps... Welcome to your new Hobby....
  13. You can use 2 sugar cubes per 740ml plastic bottle and probably get better results than using the carb drops.
  14. DIYbeerCoopers is the parent company to MRBeer. It has stores in Canada that you can get MrBeer craft refills. Here is the store locator link.. Hope this helps.
  15. I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. Do you have another LBK? It sounds like you sealed the lid on the LBK. The LBK does "breath" through the lid. Co2 escapes but O2 is prevented from entering as fermentation takes place. The only solution I have is to get another LBK.