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  1. 6 weeks.....Got it. I'll look up Millennium Flight Red right now! Thanks
  2. Rickbeer, Let me first say, that I respect your knowledge of homebrewing. I've learned so much from reading your posts. I'm sure that I will continue to expand my knowledge of homebrewing by studying your posts. I have one more Bewitched Amber Ale to brew, that one will be a basic brew. I shall take your advice to heart and brew basics recipes from MrBeer for a while. No Batches will be harmed (or thrown down the drain) in the making of this saga.
  3. Ya, this already has progressed into an addiction.
  4. I appreciate your input Dale!
  5. Thanks Bonsai & Brew ! I've read and learned as much as possable from ya'll here before starting my first batch. Loads of good info and even some good humor.
  6. Iv'e got my first LBK batch going yesterday morning. Kinda of a not so MAD Scientist brew of Bewitched Amber Ale with Booster and Pale LME. I have it temp controlled in a cooler at about 70 degrees. That's with the probe against the LBK below wort line and covered by a face towel. I'll brew by the 3-4 rule (guideline). Any helpful suggestions on conditioning would be helpful. DEF