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  1. You can use 2 sugar cubes per 740ml plastic bottle and probably get better results than using the carb drops.
  2. DIYbeerCoopers is the parent company to MRBeer. It has stores in Canada that you can get MrBeer craft refills. Here is the store locator link.. Hope this helps.
  3. I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. Do you have another LBK? It sounds like you sealed the lid on the LBK. The LBK does "breath" through the lid. Co2 escapes but O2 is prevented from entering as fermentation takes place. The only solution I have is to get another LBK.
  4. Thanks for documenting all your work with the new fermenter dubbed "HAB". Welcome Back!
  5. The Columbus hops really stand out and the honey gives it a dry aftertaste. I enjoy this recipe.
  6. These are some of my favorite quick turnarounds. , ,
  7. Not saying I just drink 12oz. I meant to say numerous different tasting brews in one sitting is to my liking.
  8. IMHO, 12oz glass bottles gives me the opportunity to have variety. While the 740ml plastic bottles work well for sharing and taste testing with family and friends in 6oz tumblers. Glass is good for long term conditioning and storage. I seem to favour quick conditioning recipes and as for long term storage, I can't quite keep up with the empty bottles.
  9. Welcome to your newest obsession. After reading for hours on the forum, one of the things I come away with is we are all obsessive compulsives in one way or another. But it works well in this hobby!
  10. I used a drill and grinding stone with a steady hand to achieve this. No leaks!
  11. Yes , Just a small change in production could result in fewer customer service requests for replacements. Yes I do work in quality control in a machine shop. Here is a pick of my LBK after the fix...
  12. Mr Beer's customer service is very high quality! Every product can be defective now and again. It's the great customer service that brings you back. I had the issue of 2 LBK's leaking during the testing phase. That's 2 out of 8. Mr Beer promptly replaced them for me no charge. Anything defective or poor quality, contact customer service and they will make it right. We are all here to help each other not slam the product!
  13. Andrews, Tx
  14. Whoops.. Something I missed in reading as many posts as possible. I do a sample through the spigot for a hydrometer reading just before I bottle. I have never sanitized the spigot before bottling. Could you explain that process please or insert a link to the forum page that best describes this action.