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  1. Having spent 5 years Singapore, I drank a goodly numbers brews, including rice beers Yes, Buddha too.. I am on the other side of taste preferences. Even the national brew, Tiger, struck me as a bit too water for me. But to each their own. And I hope you get the taste you desire
  2. First photo of the Doppelbock I am calling "Parsifalator". This has a zero percent chance of lasting all of Lent unless I make a real effort!
  3. Another thought. Ask your local store to special order a few bottles for you. This suggestion come from a former student of mine who has a daughter who has a strong allergy to most seated products. The will gladly do so. She pays in advance. Go in at a slow time and ask the owner/manager. Depending on when the distributor sends product in, you may be only waiting a day or two. (usually a distributor is very able to send out a small amount.
  4. I found unseated dish soap at Target and even at Walmart from time to time. And I, a day or two days, wash say a case while I cold crash the LBK, I sanitize them on bottling day. .There are some great drying racks (I use a flat one that holds a full case (one LBK). I am also very lucky as my wife takes recently emptied bottles and princes them VERY well before they ae turned to my storage area. Yes, keeping bottles clean takes time. But the better results in taste is worth it.
  5. Here, in AZ, during the hot season, I either drink indoors, or, if out side, I will use a ceramic stein with a pewter top. Top primary for keeping small flying critters out of my beer because I don't like to share. Steins can be cooled as desired and help the beer stay cooler.
  6. There is even a beer that my wife and sister-in-law refer to as their private reserve!
  7. Hard to believe I am only 6 months in. I have 16 brews completed, plus 2 rrebrews. For the most part, I am very happy despite a handful of errors, including one LBK I over carved a bit!., all were very drinkable. Some were well beyond just drinkable. Be sure to read what Mr. RickBeer suggests. Very spot on. But most important is patience. Do not rush anything. Longer conditioning time are reflected in a tastier beer. Due to help from this from, I am very comfortable Partial Mash options and even making adjustment for my personal taste. Next will be getting a conical fermenter to make larger batches or even moving on. to full grain efforts. Next up are La Vie Boheme and Chronos. They seem very tasty! Brew On!
  8. Ah, tasted a sample of my extra strong Lenten beer (based on. a recipe for the Mr. Beer "German Doppelbock").. I added Mt. Hood Hops, 2 LME Robust, and a "few" boosters.) It was my first time building off a Mr. Beer extract beyond the base recipe. After 6 months of conditioning, at a cool temp in a dark place The brew, which I am calling Parsifaltor, (so called because I was trying to create a err similar to Salvator and the fact that I sang Wagner opera professionally) is smooth, malty, dark, with a slightly sweet aftertaste! And, as to the strength, it settled in. at 11% (thus the "-ator" addition to the name). Following the type, the higher ABV sort of sneaks up on one and no driving will happen after consumption! While I hoped it would be ok, it surpassed all my expectations. A great deal of the success of this quaff is due to the suggestions, recommendations, and warnings from this group! Thanks to all. Pros't!
  9. Just noticed the larger conical sys it is both primary and secondary fermenter as the trub is settled and removed between times
  10. As I keep reading in this forum and other brew making sites. I see a Lot about moving to a secondary fermenter. As I plan on getting a 7+ gal conical, in part to make larger batches of some of the kits as well, perhaps, making my first all grains, at what point should I move to secondary fermenters, as opposed to the LBK method of the basic kits? Inquiring budgets need to know what I will need.
  11. Welcome tom the hobby and this forum. Believe me, every one of us has some less than perfect brews in our history. But, even they are drinkable! Take your time. Start with following the base instructions. Additions and adjustments are things to do down the line.. I also stress writing a diary for my beers to help develop better brews. Enjoy! Pros't!
  12. I changed to Saaz hops, added a pale LME and added an extra booster. The result was a Czech style Pilsners that was a cross between Staropremin and Budvar. Big, full and a kick to boost. Have re-made it twice and it is the family favorite
  13. If you are using the LBK, get one of their stick on thermometers next time you make an order, works wonderfully
  14. Seems to work well for my long term lagers (10 months+) which seem to have greater needs. I go with the basic PET for my 3-3-3 beers.
  15. vI have a wide variety of bottles and they serve a number of needs. For example: my wive loves the Czech style pilsner, but one 12ox bottle is enough for her (I may consume 2). My lenten style dopplebock is in 750 and my fest style was 1/2 liter. Do I have a real sense of seeing size? Maybe. Each method has 1 basic requirement, can I put beer in it to condition well?