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  1. No other bottles are in the fridge, this was a bit of a "first bottle" to allow me to understand the process for this first batch. Rest will not be put in fridge before an additional week or two. One of the best ways to learn is to experience both the highs and lows! Thanks for passing on your knowledge. (I did love the taste and color in the test bottle and am anxious to taste the longer layered beer)
  2. Conditioned it for about 15 days but will allow it to condition more
  3. Popped the top off of the first bottle. (American Light). Flavor has a nice finish and I look forward to seeing how much it improves with further conditioning. Had nice carbonation on opening but dissipated fairly quickly in the glass. Not flat but would have liked it if it stayed a bit longer. I am happy with my first efforts and it makes me look forward to going from fermentation to bottling and conditioning with the next style (Oktoberfestivus). Any suggestions welcomed.
  4. Finished the first of the brews contained in the kit I was given as a gift (American Light). It was simple to put together and I am happy with the result so far. After 2 weeks it tasted like a good, but somewhat flat beer. Now to be patient! Living in AZ I did have to work to keep the temps within range; took some work but with a cooler and a few cold packs, it was done. Bottling was quick with the bottles that came with the kit. Will try first bottle in about 18 days, which includes fridge time I then cleaned up the LBK and made a slightly more complex beer (Oktoberfestivus). Again, not too tricky if one is patient and follows directions. I am sure over time I will make some mistakes. My biggest suggestions are for the new brewers to not rush through directions, be patient with fermentation, carbonizing and conditioning and to read the forums. A number of great suggestions were followed for the first batch and gave me confidence do the next. Thanks to all!