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  1. Can't improve what RickBeer said for a great usable plan. Some beers do require longer conditioning; I have a bit of a mad scientist German Doppelbock that I will lager for about 6 months! (The Mr Beer instructions will give you a great guide line.) Ask here if unsure as many have made the beer you are brewing. But most are drinkable after 4 week and improve a lot with a bit more time. Hope we helped!
  2. Following advice I was given a while back, for sugaring you may want to cut back 1/4 tsp if using table sugar from the guide. As I am not a fan at all of fizzy beer, this so called "rule of thumb" works for me. If you want a fuller fizz, the chart is very good. Some domestic beers have a tad too much carbonization for me and I avoid those. You might want a "sample bottle" with full sugar from the chart and one a bit less. Then you get to find the taste that pleases you. Agree as well with a full refridg time. Helps the beer is oh so many ways.
  3. After 24 hours, krausening is active to a level I have never seen before, began calming down a bit this afternoon. Temp kept and controlled at 70º so that aspect is good. As I have never used the yeast supplied, I am a bit unaware of what normal would be. I will let it run 21 days in fermentation. It is always a delight for mr to watch and learn from the process running its course On another topic: I had my first taste of my beer made for Festzeit. Delicious taste, nice finish, solid ABV. I will wait until the last week of October fest for retesting the beer. Should pick up a lot by then. For this beer 4 weeks clearly not enough to fully bloom, but better taste and finish when compared to a some of the domestic Fest beer I compared it too. Alas, not a true duplicate of my favorite, Augustiner, but not so off that it does not bring back many memories from when I lived 2 blocks from the Oktoberfest Wies'n! I love this hobby!y
  4. Well, my Whispering Wheat is now in the LBK. Really good process and I followed the helpful hints from you all. Hard to believe I got my LBK Kit in early June and I am now finished with putting #5 in the LBK. May the Schwartz be with you is next up. By the end of that one I will have about 3 cases of beer at varying degrees of becoming empty cases, not counting my Lenten Beer with I won't even try before next Ash Wednesday! The directions say the fermentation for this is 2 weeks, any thoughts?
  5. According to family legend, my first words, after mama and dada were "Blatz Beer" must have been my destiny to brew!!!!
  6. Bottle saved for after for a job well done! A number of my brews finish their layering the week so by next weekend I will have quite the variety!
  7. I use a restaurant quality pot; fairly thick bottom, Thanks for the reminder.
  8. Tomorrow, I bottle beer #4 (My Lenten Doppel Bock), clean and sanitize my trusty LBK and begin my first Partial Mash (Whistling Wheat). It will keep me out of mischief for the better part of the day! I am enjoying the process and results of making beer for family and friends. While I have made 3 different brews, each with a twinge or two from the previous one, As I have not done a Partial Mash before. I must have read the instructions 10 times, got my trusty thermometer ready, my 4 quart pan, a beer nearby to keep me company, If anyone out in Mr. Beerland has "remember this" for me to remember, let me know!
  9. As this beer is to be consumed, according to the monks, as a lenten beverage as part of a fast to repent for sins (Augustinian Monks drank one liter for lunch and one for dinner) for religious reasons I will long lager it!
  10. Unfortunately, I love in Arizona. Today it cooled off to 92! No basement. So 70 is coolest spot for now. We will have some cooler days until March!
  11. Hydrometer read correctly; arthritic fingers did not type correctly, I am at 1.003, giving me an ABV about 10.5. So brew is finished. I am bottling tonight an putting it to sleep in 70 degree dark room until Fashing in early March. Thanks for you help. And yes, RickBeer, that is a great video!
  12. My hydrometer reading is a tad under 1.03 and there is a very slight taste that I have never noticed before. But, as I never deviated from a basic recipe before, just thought I'd ask. So I will bottle tonight or tomorrow AM. I do trust your experiences, my friends!
  13. At 3 weeks, it seemed as if it was not ready for the next phase of carbonization and bottle conditioning. Will go one more week in the LBK. Gut reaction is it will match a classic. -ATOR style in all aspects at it hibernates until Fashing. Based on where it is now, I may have to hide from friends!
  14. My current brew real cooked up a high krausen like no other brew to date. But, as this formula had a good amount of additional ingredients, I took it as a unique event. It took a full week to settle down. What I have done was put observations from all of my batches to date. Patterns will emerge. In studying the patters. I will gain real hands on knowledge!
  15. Between my arthritis and our friend spell check, I will provide MUCH unintended humor over time, or over Tim!