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  1. Richard A


    Thanks all great info. Think I am ready to keg a batch.
  2. Richard A


    Thanks RickBeer it would probably sit for 1-2 months would this be an issue and should I carbonate it chilled then take it out or would it be better to carb without chilling it? I’m new to this so these questions probably seem pretty basic to some but don’t want to ruin a good batch of beer but hate to tie up the mini fridge if I don’t have to.
  3. Richard A


    I want to start kegging my beer. My question is after I carbonate the beer does this have to stay chilled while it ages? Can it sit on a shelf in a basement that may reach 75 deg. Until I get ready to use it
  4. Richard A

    Lock Stoc and Barrel is flat

    Thanks TacTicToe I am taking your advise on the glass bottles got another LSB from mr beer and glass bottles hopefully this one will withstand the aging.. Thanks again
  5. Richard A

    Lock Stoc and Barrel is flat

    Thanks Creeps it is pretty strange I am going to try another one and only use the sugar and keep my fingers crossed I don’t loose that one. Pretty expensive to experiment with but the ones that did carb were good. Again Thanks and Have a Merry Christmas and Hoppy anew Year.
  6. Richard A

    Lock Stoc and Barrel is flat

    All bottles were stored in the same spot and the average temp was 68deg. They have been bottled for 12 mths. I used 2 tsp of sugar in the plain sugar ones and 2 carb drops in the others. I have brewed several different beers in the same environment and have never had a problem.
  7. Richard A

    Lock Stoc and Barrel is flat

    I brewed the Lock stock and barrel recipe followed exactly as written when I bottled I did 2 bottles with sugar and 9 with the csrbonstion drops using 2 drops per 740l bottle. The 3 I did with sugar carbonated great however I have opened 3 of the bottles I did with carbonation drops and they are flat. Any ideas what might have gone wrong here? Any suggestions would be appreciated