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  1. No it was not a kit. I had added the recipe to my original question. You feel that it will be ok since I emptied out the entire wort in my MBK? Thank you for your response. AJK Brewer
  2. First time making a home brew and I only had a list of ingredients and some directions. My quest is was it ok to pour my entire wort into my container for fermenting? My wort was made up of Munich Malt, Vienna and Chocolate grain, all put into a bag for steeping. Then I added DME Golden Light (Dry Extract) dissolving it in. The added Perle boiling for 45 min and adding another round of Perle for 15 min. I coolded to 70 deg and poured it all into my container and added yeast then agitated for ten minutes. So again my question is what I did ok and I will wait for 4 weeks and filter when bottling? PLease let me know Thank you.