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  1. I saw it mentioned on a video I watched, so I started the practice, dipping a Q-tip, in 1 Step solution and swab it. Being that the sample was taken and then the LBK was immediately place in the refrigerator, I think it will be Ok.
  2. Dark Ale 3 is bottled, so all I have to do is wait. Halfway through bottling I realized I forgot the swab and sanitize the LBK spigot. I am going to make a checklist for brew and bottle days.
  3. My other batches, which consist of two Church Hills and one American Lager, I used the supplied carb drops. I followed the the Mr. Beer instructions, so two drops in each 740ml bottle. The two Church Hills carbed up perfect, as a matter of fact, I would not change anything about Church Hill, it is great, I only have four bottles left and one more can to brew . Now the American Lager I have had some inconsistent results between the bottles, some are carbed up nice and other are a little flat. I did a little reading and found where Rick had addressed hearing about inconsistent results using the carb drops and recommended table sugar. I liked the idea of the dots, because of the ease of use. I also read some believe the priming sugar amounts, Mr. Beer suggest (two teaspoons 740ml bottle), are a bit high. I did think about trying different amounts, for these batches, but that would have thrown in another variable. So due to the fact I am new to all this and I don't really like low carbonated beer, following Mr. Beer's recommendation seemed best for now. I can tweak the priming sugar amounts with later batches. I am a little confused about your #1. The same yeast was used between your three batches and it worked in #2 and #3, why not in #1? If the yeast was not working in #1 where did the bubbles come from and how did they get suspended in the liquid without pressure? Also how long can wort be kept in the LBK, without yeast, before it goes bad?
  4. For these Dark Ales I used the Dots as well. First time I have used the Dots and I have the 1/2 tsp size, in which I used 4 to each 740 ml. bottle. I for one hate a flat ale and I must be one of the few who does not like stouts like Guinness because of the flat feel of the nitrogen used.
  5. I just sampled Dark Ale 3 and ............... I am feeling light headed, starting to sweat profusely, aww the agony of it all.................................................... Nope, Dark Ale 3 is consistent with DA 1 and DA 2, in look, smell and taste, all being very good indeed. All I can report is everything is going very well. I may crack open a few of these from DA 1, a couple days early, for Halloween.
  6. I think we are about a week apart, but we have the same brew going, only difference, I am still using the no rinse sanitizer and my brew temp and conditioning temps are the same 72f. My American Larger is getting better with age, took about 6 weeks to carb up and loose a slight apple taste, but still not my favorite. My ales have turned out nice at 72f , which I have to brew at.
  7. Just to let you guys know Tim reached out to me and replaced my can of extract, even though I did not ask for one. How is that for customer service. Inspired me to purchase three more kits, getting one hell of a rotation going.
  8. I am very new to the homebrew scene and I have only been brewing Mr. Beer extracts, just as they come. I am keeping things simple so I can just enjoy the homebrew experience, but I need a brew for the Holidays and the wife wants chocolate and coffee. So this is what I have come up with: Mr. Beer St. Patrick's Irish Stout 4oz Ghirardelli 100% unsweetened cocoa ( Added at boil ) 1 tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract ( added at flame out ) Cold brew coffee concentrate ( added at bottling ) [ not sure how much at this time, will update ] At bottling I think I will keep five bottles just a chocolate stout and the other five a chocolate coffee stout, by added the coffee concentrate The LBK is in the brew closet and it smells like chocolate love in there. I will update with the results
  9. I look forward to hearing about your results.
  10. Dark Ale 2 is in the bottles and has been been moved to the brew closet for he next four weeks.
  11. Dark Ale 2 is in the process of being cold crashed. The sample is consistent with Dark Ale 1, so all appears good.
  12. Dark Ale 1 is bottled and stored away in the brew closet. Ten 740mls and one 20oz with just little left sitting on the cake, which I had to drink for breakfast.
  13. Thanks, I have changed the date and will come back to it later.
  14. I just tried my first batch of American Lager, which I brew following Mr. Beers instructions. 3 weeks in the LBK 3 days cold crashed 4 weeks carbonation and conditioning Carbonation is a little low and has a slight Apple taste. Drinkable, really not that bad. Hoping a little more time in the bottle will help.
  15. Thanks for the reply, I will give it a try. Look forward to an update on vanilla coconut porter, sounds interesting.