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  1. The Chocolate Stout is wonderful, however, the five bottles which coffee concentrate were added to have to be named Black Coffee Stout. The 1 tbsp of coffee concentrate has overpowered the other flavours in the beer and dominates so much that the beer has the flavor of a cup of black Joe. It is different and strong, but I notice that I kept returning to my glass for another slip of the strange bitter brew, until it was gone.
  2. Just to clarify spigot 4 or the new spigot, if you press down, instead of up, it works like a deadman switch and cuts the flow if you let go of it. I bottle directly from the LBK to 740ml bottle, in the sink and that being said, I like the fill end of spigot 3 and the switch end spigot 4. Giving a choice between 3 and 4, I would take spigot 4.
  3. The wife baked some raspberry short bread cookies and I broke the seal on the Basic Chocolate Stout, this was the trub bottle. And the cookies were great....... and so is the stout. It is so different from the sample taken during the bottling, the cherry taste is gone and the chocolate has really come through. The chocolate taste is like a milk chocolate and the stout has silky smooth mouth feel to it. So far I think this is a great success, This was the trub bottle and I know the favor could be slightly different, but here to hoping it is not.
  4. I used 1500, had some of it laying around.
  5. One LBK, the hole had some flashing from the mold process. I removed the flashing with very fine grit sandpaper and no more leaking.....simple.
  6. I am a little late posting this but DA-3's time has come and it is exactly like DA-1 and DA-2. So my conclusion is a Coopers extract can be safely divided, stored and brewed later, with no ill effects. Catching the Coopers on sale and being able to do divide it, for different brewing times, make it a cost effective option for our Little Brown Kegs.
  7. See now you guys have planted the idea of 2 & 2 for one LBK, as per directions and 3 & 4 for the other LBK, to taste the differences.
  8. Haa, the wife and I just sampled the trub bottle, just a couple days early, but we are good. Oktoberfest beers are not my favorite, but this one is really good. I have four bottles chilling, for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I used three dots and I think the carbonation is perfect.
  9. Oh no you are good. The directions actually stated the fermentation only takes two weeks and ready to drink once it has been in the bottle for two weeks. I let let you know how it turns out. If you purchase a kit let me know how it goes.
  10. As mentioned above it is not hard, but it is more time consuming. I think I can streamline things when I do it again to cut some of the time down. One thing to take note, if using two LBK's, the two gallon mark on the LBK is more then two gallons. So measure out the 2 1/2 gallons and mark the keg. If you just add a half a gallon, of water, from where the 2 gallon mark is, you will have less head space for when the yeast starts doing their thing.
  11. Monday I brewed my very first partial mash, a Nut Brown Ale, 5 gal. I had to deviate from the directions a little, because I thought I had a lager kettle than what I actually had. The directions called for a 3 1/2 gal kettle and what I had on hand was a 3 gal. So when the directions called for 2 1/2 gals of water, I started with 2 gal. When I brought the wort to a boil and added the 1oz of hop pellets, I failed to realize the pellets would break up a disperse as tiny flakes within the wort. After cooling the wort and dividing it between my two LBK's, using a cup, I realized I had stirred up the hops and sludge and some of it ended up in the LBK's. Guess I should have got a bag, for the hops, or very fine strainer for the transfer. Hoping most of this will come out in the cold crash. Anyway the brew closet smells great and this is the first time I can see the yeast at work, in the LBK, a violent storm going on in there.
  12. Churchill was my very first brewing experience and it is still my favorite. My third batch is fermenting now and I saved a bottle from batch two to have with my Thanksgiving dinner. Much richer in flavors than New Castle.
  13. A non-blind taste test between DA-1 and DA-2 reveal I have twins. They are exactly the same in every way.
  14. I put a few bottles of DA 2 in the refrigerator this morning after bleeding off some of the carbonation, bottles were drum tight. And I just could not stay away, so right now I am drinking the trub bottle and it is good. There are no off flavors and if anything I would say it is not as dry, but this could be because it is the trub bottle or the fact I have been drinking Highland Brewery's "Big Briar" tart raspberry ale, this week. Either way DA 2 , so far gets a thumbs up.
  15. I have been using the filtered water from my refrigerator but I believe only the first gallon, maybe less is cooled and the LBK has been warm. Anyway yesterday I brewed my last can of Church Hill and put the pot of wort in sink for its ice bath. Easy to do and cooled down quickly and in seven weeks I will try to taste a difference. I hope the stouts turn out good, still choking down some American Larger which I don't really care for.