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  1. Thank you. That’s what I thought. Next batch I’ll have the sensor IN the wort.
  2. Can I remove the lid one week into fermentation to do this? Or should I wait for the next batch?
  3. I’ve been checking it a lot and it’s staying right at 60 degrees air temperature in the cooler. I’m not sure what to do to get it up 5 degrees. Maybe tomorrow I’ll put one frozen bottle in and keep an eye on it throughout the day. Once I bottle it’ll be a new challenge to keep the temp at 70... maybe in the cooler with half a bottle of frozen water. I’ll figure it out and share it here :-)
  4. Yeah it’s gonna be tough for sure, but the wait will be worth it! A few questions: It’s Bewitched Amber Ale and it says I’m the instructions 68-76 degrees for two weeks in the LBK. My fermentation chamber is staying exactly at 60 degrees. Should I let it warm up a little? I seem to remember reading on here low 60’s being ideal? I’m definitely going the full three weeks before bottling, I want the best possible results. Then I’ll bottle it for the full four weeks. Should the bottles sit at the same temperature as the wort? Thanks everyone!
  5. Wort is made and in the cooler (aka fermentation chamber), with a couple frozen water bottles. The plan is to swap out the frozen water bottles every morning before work. Got my thermometer set up with the wire in the cooler, and the cooler sitting in the bottom of my pantry out of the way. Temperature should stay in the low 60’s that way. So what’s the rule of thumb again? 3-4-3? I gotta set a reminder on my phone for bottling day :-)
  6. Two frozen water bottles (no wort yet):
  7. I'll go grab one of these tomorrow! Aquarium Thermometer
  8. I was planning on using the cooler to control the temperature. It's still in the mid 90s outside here in AZ, and I keep the temperature at 78-80 inside, so I figured I'd have to use ice packs or frozen water bottles to get the temp down about 10-15 degrees. The cooler is also a safety measure in case it gets too warm and pops the top it'll be easier to clean up. I like the wireless thermometer idea. I was wondering what the easiest way to monitor the temp would be without having to open the cooler... I'll pick one up this weekend
  9. Got my MB kit today. Super excited to get started! I think Sunday will be the day I start brewing. Found a Coleman cooler I had that's the perfect size, and I can store it at the bottom of my pantry PROPPED UP! Fits like a glove :-)
  10. Next time I'm in Tucson I'll have to stop by and check out the store! And probably Borderlands Brewery too!
  11. I've decided against using my tap water since I won't even drink it. Extremely hard water with a terrible chlorine taste. Should I use bottles of spring water or would distilled water be better?
  12. Hey guys total newbie here. My kit doesn't even arrive until tomorrow. Ordered the complete Bewitched Amber Ale kit with LBK, bottles, etc. Been reading a lot and I'm worried about temperature. I live in Arizona. It's still mid to high 90s outside. Inside I keep my temp at 78-80. Can I let it ferment in the LBK at that temp? Then let the bottles condition in the same temperature? I'm planning on letting everything sit in my pantry closet, in the dark, possibly in a Coleman cooler? Should I add frozen water bottles? TIA