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  1. Thank yiu. Everything is always super clean. Was just wondering about shelf life Unrefrigerated. They won’t last too long. Was just wondering.
  2. How long can I condition beers from extract before they'll be bad?
  3. Fortunately didn't get that flavor at all.
  4. Fermented for 3 weeks, carbonated for 2 weeks, added one shot of hot brewed coffee to 8 16oz bottles after the coffee came to room temp, conditined at room temp for 1 week, refrigerated for 3 days. The Stout was amazing! The coffee was a great addition if you enjoy dark roast coffee. Went against the grain on the hot brew, but I usuallly do. Dark chocolate Coconut Porter up next. Thank you for the help.
  5. I bottled the Stout. Fermented for 3 weeks. Tasted. It was good. Planning to carbonate for another 3 weeks. Do you recommend additional conditioning time?
  6. Right on! I just got back in to brewing after a 15 year hiatus. Having fun with it. Thank you for the help.
  7. I checked google. Couldn't find a clone. Glad I asked here.
  8. Awesome. Thank you.
  9. Does anyone have a recipe for a Sam Adams White Ale or somthing close?
  10. Does anyone have a recipe for a Sam Adams White Ale or somthing close?
  11. First time here so... 😉 I appreciate the help
  12. Thank you. That is very helpful.
  13. I will be bottling my Irish Stiut tomrrow. Is it pissible to maje it into a Coffee Milk Stout at this point? Also, after reading some reviews, some say the carbonation was too much for a stout. I sm sure it is personal preferrence but I would like mine to have similar carbonation as a Guinness. Any advice?