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  1. How long dis you condition ? I had one at 14 days and it seems that it needed more time.
  2. Ha. Use to run full iron and only doing 1/2's at this point. Always a cold beer at the finish.
  3. I have been watching and reading all the forums now for 7 weeks - I received my LBK - 7 weeks ago and brewed up the Mexican Aztec. So after reading and following the Beer Gods advice I have left it fermenting for 3 weeks and Carbo / Conditioning for 4 weeks. I have put one bottle in the fridge and have now opened. It is good a bit on the lighter side for me but still very tasty. I am now on my 3rd batch "Yule Time Ale" and thank you Mini Yoda for you input. The second batch I bottled was with a bottle capper and it is Wild Wheat, only on the second week of Carbo / Condition and more in my taste buds liking I hope. So the Ironman brewer is off and running, just like a Ironman race, it doesn't matter how you finish, it only matters that you finished !! Thank you all for the very valuable information that you post - Ironman Brewer