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  1. SilverBrewerWI

    Cleaning 740 ML PET Bottles

    1,345,567 times for the no green or clear bottles 17,456,235 times for don't perv the beer
  2. SilverBrewerWI

    BrewMax Booster won't dissolve??

    I just don't use booster anymore...….of course the DME I use in its place behaves the same and with that, I put the heat on and slowly whisk it in while the water heats up. Works for me. There are more ways to dissolve booster and DME than I can count.
  3. SilverBrewerWI


    I've learned a lot reading your posts and several others going back years....and yes, rick, yours too..hehehe
  4. SilverBrewerWI


    I understand that, but Mr Beer said in full strength, their product can be used as a cleaner and, well, it works very well. You just have to rinse it well afterwards, you know, before sanitizing in my case, using starsan edit: what rick said
  5. SilverBrewerWI


    The Mr Beer sanitizer, I use full strength as a cleaner to clean my LBK after bottling. For sanitizing, I use StarSan and I will keep that around for a couple weeks without issues. I wouldn't keep the Mr B sanitizer around after mixing it. Two different products, two different ways they work, makes the difference.
  6. SilverBrewerWI


    really depends which one you are talking about I think
  7. SilverBrewerWI

    Bottles on the Net?

    The problem you'll find buying glass bottles on the net is the shipping is going to kill you. I bought glass flip-tops one time only because they were like 70% off, so adding the shipping made them like 10 dollars cheaper than buying them from a local store. Otherwise, no way I would have done it.
  8. That statement right there is what homebrew is really about. Who cares how you got to the beer you like - if you like it, everyone else can (insert your words of choice here).
  9. SilverBrewerWI


    My Nuggett and Chinook are doing well, look about like yours. Mine took a beating from a storm right after putting them in the ground, think I have 1 dead and 2 hanging on for dear life. We'll see how it all goes.
  10. SilverBrewerWI

    Looking for a Christmas beer recipe

    Thanks for all your responses to my response. Obviously there is more than one way to look at this and we all don't have to agree. Was interesting to see what everyone had to say.
  11. SilverBrewerWI

    Looking for a Christmas beer recipe

    Is it just me that thinks people taking someone else's recipe and submitting it to contests is wrong? Someone else put a review on Mr. Beer saying the same thing. I don't even see why someone is proud to win a contest when it isn't their creation. Maybe I'm just not with the "cool kids" on this one.
  12. SilverBrewerWI

    Tangerously Hoppy IPA at 68 degrees. Too hot?

    well, he COULD tape ice to it, and just stay awake constantly taping more on, maybe it would work..................the mental image is priceless either way
  13. SilverBrewerWI


    Rhizomes from buyhoprhizomes.com.....tried to get magnum, but they sold out of them early
  14. SilverBrewerWI


    Nugget, Sterling, Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus. Live in Marshfield, so roughly due west, very slightly north of Green Bay. The Nugget has 4 bines over 3 Feet high growing in the pot and I've cut back the others (has had over 8 bines at one point and they have only been in the pots for a couple weeks). This one will be first in the ground. All of them are growing, we will see how they do once in the ground. Using "Just Natural Organic" potting soil and getting the same brand of garden soil to replace the clay outside. Wife just informed me she has arranged for a Centennial rhizome, so that will be on it's way.
  15. SilverBrewerWI


    I bought 5 rhizomes, all different varieties and they are growing in pots on my dining room table being as how the temps outside have been dipping below freezing still....looks like last night was the last (according to the forecast), so trying to start putting them in the ground today......this should be interesting, me hanging out of the second story window trying to string a steel cable across to put the string to.....and then there is the rabbits and squirrels I have to keep off them. Yeah, this is gonna be real interesting to be sure.