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  1. What happened to you as a child?
  2. Yeah, you guys throwing something together makes something good....if I do it, it will result in a disgusting mess that means I either try to stomach the disaster or throw 40 bucks or so down the drain....for the record, I have NEVER put any beer down the drain
  3. I cannot believe you trashed and defiled my childhood memories of pooh could, I'm gonna have to drink more beer and try to forget this atrocity
  4. I am soooo not going there..........heh, maybe I just did........see what I did there?
  5. I can't believe you left that much....geesh, wasteful.....hehe, seriously, that is some dedicated extract removal
  6. Nah, he probably saw it on nick at night or something, as opposed to me who saw it on one of the 3 networks the antenna on top of the house picked up before they invented cable
  7. Please tell me you gave him a proper burial with a beer bottle, I am all choked up. Lets see, what will cure that...oh, more beer.
  8. Hey Dan, don't mind Rick....I would never add table sugar and neither would Rick and probably most of these guys. But, and there is always a but, I am a firm believer in "it's your beer, and if you like it, it is the right thing to do". With that said, mayhaps you try using DME/LME or booster one time and see if you don't like it even more.
  9. Looks like you are going to have beer....welcome to the madness and read, read and read
  10. There is also the benefit of seeing your beer.......we eat (or drink) with our eyes first and actually seeing the beer in the glass can change your perception of the flavors.
  11. I hope you plan to put the broadcasts up as videos for those of us that work on networks that don't allow us to do things like look at beer stuff.
  12. ROFLMAO.....I was studying his post looking for the profanity Rick was referring to....silly me
  13. Anything to keep it going......he could be lurking and you pointing out his inactivity may have hurt his wittle feewings.
  14. Welcome back......I didn't start back then, so I only know the good Mr. Beer, but this place is still an excellent source of info
  15. Yeah, I just pitch the whole thing. One thing I do when it's not mr beer yeast, and I have no idea why I insist on doing it really (I just do), is I rehydrate before pitching. Even the manufacturer says it doesn't make a difference and I'm using double what I really need, but it's just what I do.
  16. Seems someone on here posted about the Super Agata and I've been trying to figure an angle. SWMBO was going to let me get the Agata and I sat there looking at it and then said "nope, I need the Super Agata, it's a must have". I thought that would spur someone to search and buy it, no such luck. Now, how many flip tops do I need to buy before she decides a bench capper would be cheaper...hmmmm
  17. I had a similar experience with S-04.....pitch it and off to the races...I was very happy with it.
  18. What Shrike said.....however (there is always a however) you read you will see there are better ways to accomplish what the boosters do....just read, read, read
  19. Hey, congrats on's now 3001 so the moment is gone
  20. That there is a mental image I could have gone my whole life without......thanks for that
  21. I put my LBK in a cubbyhole that happens to maintain 62 ambient. I was really worried I didn't have it warm enough until I got through my first batch. Little did I know I was doing exactly the right thing. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart.
  22. Cold crash doesn't hurt.
  23. I looked at mine and think the rings are the issue. Looks like they are a tad too wide, breaking all mine off and getting seals now
  24. I've read a lot of the recipes, never seen one calling for white sugar. Can you be a little specific, that sounds real weird unless you are talking about rootbeer or something like that.
  25. Welcome to the hobby. Read, read and read some more. My first batch was, well, drinkable beer not great. Second batch outstanding. There is a learning curve and second guessing yourself is normal. In the end, relax and enjoy your hobby and your beer. Oh yeah, read some more.