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  1. Ummmmm, when exactly did Miller become beer?
  2. Looks to me like you got it all squared away. Hey, welcome to the group. Oh, I don't use any soap on my beer glasses and I never chill the glass. That is my preference, if yours makes you happy, march on and make more beer.
  3. Picture if you will, mother yeast at the trubside of little baby yeast, "I don't feel good mama yeast", so the dutiful mother yeast pulls out the yeast thermometer and takes his yeasty temperature. Ahhhhhh, a veritable beery Norman Rockwell moment brought to you by Malt, grain and Mr. Beer.
  4. Congratulations, you made will like it better than what you used to buy
  5. I'm sorry, this forum is for Mr. Beer. Are you looking for the Mr. Winnebago forum?
  6. Welcome to the obsession, as Shrike said, ton of good info on this forum and lots of people willing to help.
  7. And I thought I had just been wussy and weak on tightening mine.....hmmm
  8. It also compacts your trub and reduces the amount of trub you get in your bottles. so, yes, you get benefit no matter the style.
  9. There are 3 very big "don't do it" items in this forum: 1) never throw away beer with a possible exception of it being deadly, but most would rather you drink that too 2) never boil HME 3) never insult, ummmmmmm what was his name again, oh yeah, never insult rickbeer - never, ever, ever. The first two are easier to forgive, but even they will get you a visit from the top secret beer police. Seriously though, welcome to the forum and your new wallet draining obsession. Yeah, you will be eating, drinking and sleeping beer very shortly - happened to us all.
  10. my wife wishes I washed anything else as well as I do my beer stuff....and sanitize..........ok, I know where some minds just went, get out of the gutter or no hops for jou
  11. No, I think you will be fine. Before bottling, use a spray bottle to put some sanitizer up the spigot or use a shotglass of sanitizer to get it up there, just to be safe. Relax and enjoy the beer.
  12. Unless you are one with the LBK, concentrate really hard and the additions pass through the solid lid in awe of you. If you make that happen, you will be an LBK Whisperer.
  13. Welcome and keep reading, there is a huge wealth of information here.
  14. I kind of get what people say about not using distilled water, but my RO water isn't much different than distilled, and I make good tasting beer. So really, I am not quite following the tap or spring water only mantra. All I know for sure is if I use my tap water, you'd need a chisel to break off pieces of the beer after it all solidified from it's liquid rock state.
  15. Whatever it is, it has been a month. I wonder if he sat there staring at the message board going, answer me, answer me, answer, probably not, but I do wonder what he brewed or didn't.
  16. IMHO, you want non-alcoholic beer, you will have better results going to the store and buying it. I never have understood drinking alcohol free alcohol, but there are a few brands out there, so someone is drinking the nasty stuff. - my 2 cents currently worth 1/100 of a penny
  17. I know exactly what you are saying. SWMBO never thought she would see the day I start talking about yeast and the processes involved in beer brewing
  18. Or maybe to adopt someone else's know, an agreement that they are yours only when you need them
  19. You're welcome. Just keep in mind fermenting at the lower temps and, especially carb/conditioning at the temps I do pretty much ensures you need to do 3 weeks fermenting and an extended time for carbing all IMHO which aint worth much yet.
  20. I've done all mine so far in a spot that stays 62F ambient and conditioning at 68, turned out very well so far.
  21. Welcome to the forum and since he didn't tell ya, go read the links in Rickbeer's signature line or the beer enforcement patrol will come steal your LBK in the middle of the night. That, and they are really good reading packed full of information (and vitamins and minerals).
  22. Nothing bout nothing, I love MRB and think you all do a fine job. However, might I suggest the system be setup so if someone doesn't provide the information needed, then the system rejects the order? Maybe a pop-up that says "scuse me, are you forgetting we have to know who this is for" or sumtin. Just saying. Just a thought. Did I say I love you guys?
  23. Yes sir and then 3 days in the frig
  24. Keep reading and reading and reading and reading and between, brew and read and drink and read. Did I mention keep reading?