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  1. IMHO, you want non-alcoholic beer, you will have better results going to the store and buying it. I never have understood drinking alcohol free alcohol, but there are a few brands out there, so someone is drinking the nasty stuff. - my 2 cents currently worth 1/100 of a penny
  2. I know exactly what you are saying. SWMBO never thought she would see the day I start talking about yeast and the processes involved in beer brewing
  3. Or maybe to adopt someone else's know, an agreement that they are yours only when you need them
  4. You're welcome. Just keep in mind fermenting at the lower temps and, especially carb/conditioning at the temps I do pretty much ensures you need to do 3 weeks fermenting and an extended time for carbing all IMHO which aint worth much yet.
  5. I've done all mine so far in a spot that stays 62F ambient and conditioning at 68, turned out very well so far.
  6. Welcome to the forum and since he didn't tell ya, go read the links in Rickbeer's signature line or the beer enforcement patrol will come steal your LBK in the middle of the night. That, and they are really good reading packed full of information (and vitamins and minerals).
  7. Nothing bout nothing, I love MRB and think you all do a fine job. However, might I suggest the system be setup so if someone doesn't provide the information needed, then the system rejects the order? Maybe a pop-up that says "scuse me, are you forgetting we have to know who this is for" or sumtin. Just saying. Just a thought. Did I say I love you guys?
  8. Yes sir and then 3 days in the frig
  9. Keep reading and reading and reading and reading and between, brew and read and drink and read. Did I mention keep reading?
  10. ALL the cool kids do it...come on, look at it, looooook at it.....ooooooooo, do it again
  11. I have never ever ever found a simple way to do anything....oh wait, that's a "me" thing, the rest of the world probably is more normal....huh, go figure
  12. Well, I got mine for Christmas, SWMBO simply didn't wait till Christmas to give it to me. Got American Ale about ready to be consumed and Christmas Eve bottled Yule Like This Ale, tasted awesome at bottling. Next up is Northwest Pale Ale. Now, she didn't stop with Mr. Beer. My birthday closely follows Christmas, so she got me a hand-blown Pilsner glass in which to drink all my home brewed goodness. Someone Loves Me. I second the welcome and advice to read, read, read before you get started. It has made my experience thus far much more enjoyable.
  13. Our water is like liquid rock it is so hard, so we have an RO/DI unit for our aquarium water. I just run it through the RO, takes out most everything, leaves soft water and so far seems to be good for brewing. No difference with what you get out of those machines in the store except I know when my filters were last changed and exactly what the hardness of the water is. My total investment was maybe a hundred bucks and about 30-60 bucks a year in filters.
  14. Welcome and, well, read, read, and read some more. Don't forget to pay homage to rickbeer. These guys all rock and will keep you on the right track.
  15. Well, you know, ummmmmmm, one man's crap is another man's delicious...yeah, that's the, yeah, what he said - crap
  16. I missed the part where he said 30 bucks shipping....yikes
  17. I would reach out to Customer Service, they are real user friendly. If they get the lids separate from the LBKs, maybe they will work with you. If they don't, then a new LBK is all of 10 bucks, maybe cheaper if you look around a bit.
  18. I'll leave the advice to someone like rickbeer, but I did feel the need to point out Dumping beer is never ever ever ever allowed. Stay where you are, the beer police are on the way as they have joined forces with pre-crime and already knew your insidious plans. But, what do I know, I'm new and a bit crazy
  19. That is, in fact a legitimate repetitive lifting routine unless you are using light beer
  20. Let me guess, wassss it Yule love this ale? They had my spices in the mail before I even knew the box on the way was short them. I did notice that other recipes calling for mulling spices don't include them, so maybe they just started actually carrying them. Anyway, I am likewise impressed with the customer service
  21. Thought I would say Hi after well over a month reading and still reading the new brewer's section. Yes, Rickbeer, I read the links in your signature line before I ever opened the LBK box. I bottled my first batch (American Lager) last Wednesday and started my second batch (Yule like this ale) yesterday. I know, I know, I jumped from the very simple to a little more complex but studied and read for weeks. Within 12 hours, I had a very aggressive fermentation and now, 24 hours after brewing, I have more than 2 inches of Krausen, tons of activity and a temp of 67. I love this stuff and enjoy shining led light to see the activity. When I bottled, the American Lager tasted like a very light flat beer, but good. So, after reading, I read some more, and then read some more. I almost feel guilty can't think of anything to ask that would result in rick beer telling me to read his links. hehehehehe..........I'm a 51 year old smartass government employee, soldier and Navy vet. Oh yeah, hey rick beer, I perv the beer over and over and over again. That sounds so wrong on a few levels. So, Hi, I appreciate all the time and effort you all put into answering everyone else's questions so I don't have to ask.
  22. Thanks dad flew F4s, so grew up in the air force....thank you for your service
  23. I'm not following, my LBK is new, like real new and the spigot is not something you have to hold open. You sure you don't have an old old one, or maybe aren't quite following that the new ones flip up to the vertical position to stay open?
  24. hehehehe...thanks oh lord of all things mr. beer.......You answered a lot of my questions before I even started this. thanks for the effort to make this hobby better.
  25. MM1/SS 84-92....then came in the Army Reserves in 2005 so I could get back in uniform...still a soldier, and an administrator for the Dept of the Army as a civilian. Thanks for the welcome.