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  1. Thank you to Zorak! I left the stout in the LBK one day short of 4 weeks (recommended by another home brewer), cold crashed for 24 hours, then sampled. Much better! Still a light cider taste, but the wonderful stout tastes returned! Now in bottles and waiting 4 weeks to first bottle in the refrigerator. I used your advice on the next brew, Oktoberfest Deluxe. I like what I am seeing with ambient temperatures between 58-63. Good yeast activity. Hoping the cider tastes are history.
  2. I just tasted my Deluxe Irish Stout today (3 weeks fermenting in the LBK). At 2 weeks, a sample tasted delicious. Today: very strong green apple taste. Yuck! Gone was the chocolate and coffee tastes. It was awful. I am am wondering whether I should go ahead and bottle or leave it in the LBK a week longer? After readings these postings, I think I may have fermented too warm. Ambient temperatures ranged from 65-72. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Just so I understand correctly: 2 months before those bottles go to the refrigerator? Thanks!
  5. When Brian says ‘4 weeks in the bottle’ ... is that before refrigeration? Thanks
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