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  1. I just made Diablo IPA & dry hopped 1/2 Citra & 1/2 Mosaic. I like DeSchutte’s Fresh-Squeezed IPA & that’s what they list on their label. I was quite pleased with the outcome & think it’s the best IPA I’ve made to date. Easy, too.
  2. mt50

    American Lager, Low Maintenance

    Sorry I came late to this thread. I had brewed everything in the Mr. Beer line, but had a can of the American Lager which I hadn't tried. I like DeSchuttes Freshly-Squeezed IPA and so I used both Mosaic & Citra hops to dry hop during fermentation. Bottled after three weeks and was so curious I tried one after 10 days in the bottle. (I do this often when I try something new). It is REALLY tasty. Doesn't have any of the bitterness that the IPA does, but the flavor is really interesting. I'm anxious to see how it is in a month. Was surprised that it was fully carbonated.