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  1. Please DELETE this account.
  2. Thanks for the link RickBeer.
  3. I'm not stewing on it because I'm not going to bring it up again. But just to clarify I did check the store locator and I don't know why and it's NOT Mr. Beer's fault But Canadian Tire does not stock your product. I have been in touch with four in my area as well as phoned the head office and I'm told they are no longer available. Yes Amazon does sell the refills but from what I've seen they are all from suppliers in the U.S. So I'm just going to forget about it and move on. I didn't come onto this forum to getting into a peeing match, I came onto learn as much as I can about Home Brewing regardless of whose product it is. SO my apologies if I upset anyone but it was not my intention. It just makes me so mad that my wife had to spend what little money she had on this kit and it is hard to get the refills in Canada without paying a lot for different charges.
  4. I guess that I used the wrong terminology when I said second fermentation. What I wanted to know is can I use the Mr. Beer plastic keg INSTEAD of bottles and add carbonation drops to the keg. I have the keg and no other use for it but, if I can use it with the carbo drops at least when it is finished carbonating I could put it in the fridge like a beer keg.
  5. I checked the store locator and there are no places around selling the refills. But that doesn't matter anymore as I have been contacted by three different Home Brew suppliers who are telling me that Mr. Beer refills are not available in Canada. They are only available through Amazon or Mr.. Beer in the U.S,. But I do have one question . Can the keg be used for secondary fermentation if you add the carbonation drops to it and seal the lid with say duct tape.
  6. Well it has been a month now since I contacted Customer service to ask them where I can buy refills of Liquid Malt Extract in Ontario Canada and I was told twice that someone will be in touch. To date no one has and being on pension I can't afford Amazon or buying from the U.S. so I've decided the next step is to move onto another brand available locally and throw out the keg.
  7. Thanks for the links, I'll look at doing one of them.
  8. Lots of alcohol and light tasting, not bitter tasting.
  9. Thanks to both of you for the information. No that's not my type of beer. LOL Can you recommend something not quite as bitter as that is.
  10. Well I bottled my Long Play IPA a couple of weeks ago and decided to try a bottle last night. WOW is that a bitter beer. Not sure if it is because I should have left it longer or is it suppose to be that bitter. It almost taste like the cheap beer I drink in Canada, Laker Ice. Oh well the next batch I do I'll look for a light tasting beer.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to at least acknowledge me and my concerns. Greg
  12. You would think that if you sell kits in Canada that they would sell the refills. By poor customer service I mean that no one has gotten back to me at all about this, they say they will but don't. I have talked to a man in Arizona customer service twice and I keep hearing I'll get back to you. That was ten days ago. I have checked my local supply houses but they don't carry the Mr Beer LME. So now I've decided to use Coopers and make the 5 gallon batch.
  13. My wife bought me a Mr Beer kit for Christmas through The Shopping Channel in Ontario Canada. I did the first step in the brewing process on the 31st of December. On the 3rd of January I decided I wanted to get more extract so I got a hold of the Shopping Channel but they don't have the extract. Kept checking around but nothing. I have put in a number of request through Mr Beer and also the face book page but still nothing. I ddi get one answer saying that I could buy it through there place in Arizona but with the duty, shipping and exchange rate it would be very expensive. I'm frustrated and now will probably just go with a product available in Canada. Greg
  14. I just got a Mr Beer long play IPA kit for Christmas and on the 31st I started the process of brewing my first beer. This is all new to me so I'm interested to see how the beer is going to turn out.. Not sure if this type of beer is going to be bitter or not.
  15. Thanks for the help.