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  1. I recently purchased the "May the Schwarz Bier With You" before noticing that it is a lager that uses S-23 lager yeast. I cannot lager at this time since I am still using the ice chest method for fermenting only. What would be the effect if I used a US-05 yeast and brewed it as an ale? The recipe is the Bohem Czech Pils, robust LME and Saaz hops. Any experienced opinions out there?
  2. What temperature do you plan on conditioning? Can they be carbonated and conditioned at the regular temps or do they have to be stored at low temps.
  3. I've read on these forums about the diacetyl rest. However, the instructions do not give further information about conditioning temperatures. I wonder what would happen if it was fermented at recommended lager temps., cold crashed, then carbonated and conditioned at normal room temperatures (70ish)?
  4. Thanks guys, I am sure that I could ferment in the 50's with enough frozen bottles. It is the two months of lagering/conditioning that would be rough to keep up.
  5. I agree with the lower end of the temp range. I would not let it get higher than 65 especially in the first week of fermentation despite what the range says.
  6. Find a place to put them for three weeks above 70 degrees for carbonation. After that you can store them at room temp for the rest of the conditioning time. I've found that most regular beers are ready at eight weeks post bottling. Refrigerate one for three days to see if you like it. You will be tempted to start drinking them early, but be patient.
  7. I am going to make the Apricot Amber Ale for my wife. I can only find apricots in light syrup rather than heavy. Will this make a difference? Is there a type of sugar I can add so that the beer does not lose anything such as ABV? Thanks
  8. Bottled the Apricot Amber Ale today and still on the fence. I am hoping that conditioning mellows out the spiciness. A little taste at bottling worried me that the flavor is overpowered by the cardamom and cinnamon when I was hoping to get a more pronounced apricot flavor. I gather that when fruit is added in the beginning, much of the flavor gets eaten away. I will have to wait and see. I guess it's true, you brew and you learn.
  9. I have two LBKs going at all times. I have been tempted to bring in a third. Does Mr. Beer add an ingredient that raises craving in beer like nicotine in cigarettes, because I am obsessed? All I want to do is to make all 90 something different beers. I am not even interested in store bought beer. 😋
  10. Sorry to hear that.
  11. I've read of some people boiling old or unwanted yeast in the wort as yeast food. Can someone explain that? What are the benefits? Thanks
  12. Timelordjason, I know this is not the thread, but you had previously made a comment about your Heavy McWee carbonating slowly. How did that work out? I am having the same experience. The bottles of Voodoo I made a week later are much harder than the Heavy. Just curious.
  13. Since throwing away beer is a major offense, I imagine the research and development portion of consuming those experiments is an interesting day at work.
  14. I must live in a city that is into healthy canned fruit. Could not find apricots in heavy syrup in a store. I ended up draining the apricots and using the heavy syrup from a can of peaches. So, I've brewed my first fruit beer. I'm not sure about Cardamom and cinnamon in a beer but I'm going to trust the Mr. Beer creators.
  15. I definitely recommend removing the bottom ring on the cap that usually breaks off the first time you use them. I have found that the ring prevents the cap from fully sealing. If you do that, your bottles will seal. If you have some that are bubbling or leaking now, your only hope is to take off the cap and remove the ring. That is your problem.
  16. Did anybody else get an email about a 50% stout sale that ends on 3/18 only to find out it was ended early today? That is not right.
  17. I had some in a shopping cart from earlier today. When I went to check out, the prices had changed. Very disappointed in that. Never considered that this was an error.
  18. Is there any one out there who has bottled beer in repurposed plastic soda bottles. I was thinking about using some brown plastic root beer bottles. I know there is an issue with getting out the smell. Are the bottles adequate for home bottling? Thought I would check for horror stories or success stories. Thanks
  19. That is good to know. It was the first time I've worked with it. After two days the krausen subsided and things are looking normal. So does everyone pitch the whole packet for one LBK? I hated to waste any of it but don't want lazy yeast. Also not confident about splitting it in two and saving it for later. I just put the whole packet.
  20. Unless you are in the market for a dedicated fermentation refrigerator, I'm still thinking the cheapest and easiest solution is to get a brown keg for $10 on Mr. Beer and cool it in an ice chest you probably already have in your garage. Just saying.
  21. I made the Grand Bohemian Czech Pils too. My first sample had a little apple taste despite controlling the temperature. Do you think that is part of the flavor profile? Not a bad taste but a little fruity. I plan to condition that one for 6 weeks before I sample again.
  22. I'm resurrecting this old topic to add my current experience with this recipe and yeast. Yesterday, I brewed the Shameless Stout exactly as described, stout extract, robust LME and 2 boosters. I don't know if it is this recipe or the S-04 yeast, but wow - I have not seen fermentation as rapid as this within 24 hours. Krausen is already touching the cap. I'm trying to make sure the temp stays in the low range so I don't blow the top off. Probably should not have pitched that whole packet. I know that is intended for 5 gallons. Good thing I have it contained in an ice chest.
  23. I saw a video of people who place the fermenter in a base that can hold some water. Place a wet towel or some kind of fabric over the fermenter and touching the water. Then have a fan blowing on it. The fabric will wick the water through the fabric and cool as it evaporates. I have not tried it, but some people have used that method. I know sounds like a mess and a lot of work. If all else fails, stronger beers might cover off flavors, and some specialty yeasts work better with warmer temps. Do some more research. I'm sure there are other more experienced guys on here who are going to help you out. Good Luck.
  24. Read about temperature control during fermentation. There are some low cost and pretty easy ways to get the temp down. I use an Igloo ice chest and place a frozen bottle or two of water. That is super important. If your beer comes out tasting like apples, you will know it was too warm. But if you like hard cider, you may not even mind.
  25. Right. I have been busy in my short time as a brewer. I have four beers bottled and two fermenting in the pipeline. As these "ripen", I might be less impatient. Right now, I am having to appease my beer curiosity with store bought. My hope, like others, is to be able to supply myself with home brews exclusively.