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  1. Kevinah64

    Hot and spicy

    So how do you add jalapeno and Chipotle or chili flavors to beer? I had a friend who made a batch once, but never asked how it was made. Thanks!
  2. Kevinah64

    Hot and spicy

    I just made a batch yesterday (april 1st) using 5 large jalepenos, and zest of a lime... maybe it will be ready by memorial day weekend...maybe. looking forward to the end result....
  3. Kevinah64

    First attempt starting tonight

    well then, I guess you're saying perhaps Mr Beer should make better directions, yes? not saying your opinion was wrong, or saying mine was right...its just an opinion. its not as hard as some of you make it seem.
  4. Kevinah64

    First attempt starting tonight

    seems kinda silly to tell the guy not to brew, and to read first for a week. its bewitched amber ale, 1 can of lme to go into 4 quarts of water, and then into the lbk. not that complex of a recipe, lol. make it already, and put it in the lbk...you got 14-21 days to read while it ferments! another thing I will say...if you do wait a week and read, then order yourself some better yeast,(safale us-05 for example) and don't use the yeast under the can lid. happy brewing!!!
  5. Kevinah64

    So how many of you also do 5 gal batches?

    That's cool I'm going to have to try that!
  6. Just wondering how many of you all in here also do 5 gal batches. I do both...mrbeer and 5 gal stuff from brewers best. Cheers!!
  7. Kevinah64

    So how many of you also do 5 gal batches?

    a bigger pot to boil wort, and a bigger fermenter...6 gallon carboy. go to Midwest supplies and check out their starter kits...gives you an idea what you need.
  8. Kevinah64

    Priming suger

    Sorry, I thought I did reply on forum...my bad!