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  1. Understood on that. I wanted to change the character of it anyway, I was just thinking of the HME can as base malt more or less. The economy thing is ok since I don't much care for light American beer anyway, so I might as well use the fermentables in the can and make something I like. My plan was something like this.. 1.5lb Amber DME 1.0oz Cascade 1 can American Light. Boil the usual amount of water (or double, haven't decided yet) for the Mr. Beer instructions. Once boiling, add a couple ounces of DME for hop utilization + 0.5oz Cascades. Boil for roughly 40 mins. At 40 min mark add remaining 0.5oz Cascades. Continue boil for 10 mins. At 50 mins add remainder of DME and bring back to a boil. I assume bringing back to a boil may take as long as 10 mins. Then once the DME is thoroughly mixed into solution turn the stove off and move the pot. From there add the can of HME to the mix and follow the Mr. Beer instructions for the remainder of the procedure. I'm still playing with different beer calculators trying to get the final numbers I'm looking for nailed down, but you get the jist of what I'm trying to do at least. Edit: OR I could try turning it into a cream ale perhaps. Something like Gennessee.
  2. Yeah I got the Craft Beer kit, but it only came with the base refill cans and no booster. Well, that's a bit of a disappointment. I guess I'll bottle it as it is and order DME and hops to doctor up the American Light. I will probably add a couple pounds of amber DME and some cascades to turn it into an American Ale. Live and learn!
  3. Alright I got a question for you guys. While browsing the Mr.Beer online store I just realized that both the American Light and the Oktoberfest appear to come with brewmax booster packs. Neither of my ingredient kits came with that. So does that mean my Oktoberfest is going to be extremely low ABV? Basically a really watery beer? I'm concerned now that I've been waiting for this to ferment and I'm not going to have much of a real beer to drink. All I received were the HME cans. Should I add some DME to the fermenter and would it be safe to do so? I realize that will dilute it even more to a certain point, but I'd rather have something drinkable than a watery 1.9% alc/vol beer.
  4. Thanks! I appreciate the help. I upped the temperature in the room for a little while and the temperature tape turned from an off orange color to the green with the checkmark. So maybe it was just a little too cold in here. I'll keep an eye on it.
  5. My kit came with the yeast thermometer stick on thing. I stuck it to the LBK in the front so I could see it. I don't know how accurate it is, but that's what it shows anyway. Oh and yes, it does seem to have a small layer of trub down in the bottom.
  6. Pitched yeast about 5 days ago. Saw some light bubbling in 24-48 hours, but it seems to have slowed to a crawl. Not sure what my yeast pitch temperature was. I didn't check, but the wort was mixed with plenty of cool water like described in the instructions. I think it was ok but I want to be sure. Anything I should do? I have the Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit. The brew in question is the Oktoberfest. In the picture looks like a little krausen inside, so I think that's a good sign right?