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  1. ok, thanks. i guess i was thinking to put their food everywhere in the bottle quicker. if they're not picky, i won't be.
  2. would one be better off using granulated sugar as it would go into solution faster than the carbonation drops supplied with my kit? they seem kinda like hard candy and would take longer to dissolve.
  3. here i am 1 week into my ale. everything seems to be going fine. i shined a flashlite into my lbk but couldn't see any activity. the outside of it is kinda dirty from a bit of foam that was produced during initial fermentation that bubbled through the lid so it's hard to see clearly inside. i do have a layer of trub on the bottom of my tilted lbk. no worries. waiting for feb 2nd to bottle. time is going slow!
  4. oh i'm going to make it for my next brew. i'll surely keep y'all posted. i have 2 weeks left on my kit brew i'm dong now, then my lbk will be free.
  5. a kind member from another forum sent me a link to the recipe i want, i want to share
  6. i'm glad to get some input from brewers of this ale. i've bought a stick-on thermometer to affix to my lbk. it's reading 64f. is this ok? i know it's on the low side of the temps for my yeast. edit: i used the yeast that came with the kit.
  7. i am going to start getting supplies ready for my next brew. i'm looking at us-05 yeast to ferment. i see the small packs are 11.5 g. is this the amount needed for a 2 gal. brew? there are larger sizes available. if i were to buy more than i can use at one time how should it be stored? edit: i plan to brew brown ales in the future until i hit my goal of the sam smith ale.
  8. did you bottle at 3 weeks? that's my plan so far. then 4 weeks for bottle conditioning. after that i'll put a bottle in the fridge for a day or so to taste and go from there. does this sound like the plan?
  9. thanks! i'm curious if anyone else here has brewed the nut brown ale from the kit. any kit specific info would be welcome. yeah i feel comfortable so far. seems brewing is a little like growing mushrooms and i was good at that with the sterile technique and following procedure.
  10. on 1/12/18 i began my brewing journey. i did a lot of reading here and another forum before i started the procedure. J A from the other forum sent me here to get equipment specific info. so far i have no questions. my initial fermentation has subsided and i'm waiting patiently for feb 2nd to bottle my brew. my lbk has been kept at 64-66 f so far thanks to the cold temps we're having in se loosiana. one of my favorite commercial ales is sam smith's nut brown ale and i'm hoping to end up with something close. so hello to my fellow brewers, more to come from me as time goes on.
  11. maybe he looked at the can of extract included in the kit and figured it out?