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  1. remove the rings from the caps before using. when you sanitize the bottles make sure to shake them well and then invert. they shouldn't leak now.
  2. i'm not sure of how experienced you are as a brewer. my churchill was my first brew. i think it would be best left alone. get some more complex brews under your belt and then have at it!
  3. i tried another bottle today. 2 days shy of 8 weeks. the sharpness is gone and i find it quite good. success!!!
  4. i tried a bottle of churchill after 4 weeks 3 days. pretty darn good! still has a bit of that sharpness. i'll wait until 6 weeks and try again
  5. i put my trub bottle in the fridge 2 days ago. it was only about 2/3 full and had only been in the bottle a little over two weeks. the real (yeah..) reason i wanted to taste it was to see how carbonated it was. the drops worked well. the ale had a sharp taste i'm gonna put to not enough conditioning. i'll be bottling my sam smith nut brown ale on friday and i'm glad to see the carb drops worked ok. i'll use them on that batch i just couldn't wait to try the churchill nut brown from the kit. pretty good, a little extra fizzy, but not ready. may have been oxidized too from all the head room in the bottle. i plan to do the ss nut brown ale again for my next brew with a few tweaks. the recipe is in an earlier post in this thread. all in all i'm pleased with mr beer, but i doubt i'll brew one of their kits again.
  6. in regards to the spigot, i had to take a knife and clean the hole that was drilled in the lbk. it had a big tab of plastic on it. once i smoothed the hole out there was no prob. brew on!
  7. i brewed the sam smith nut brown ale recipe yesterday. everything seems fine so far. my og was a little higher than the specs, it was 1.051. i'm keeping the lbk in the low 60's for the 3 weeks. i need a time machine...... my bottles of churchill have firmed up nicely and there's a bit of trub on the bottoms from the sugar i guess.
  8. i'm a believer! my trub was nearly solid and i got all but maybe 1/2 oz from my keg. i noticed no sediment in the last bottle either. it was my first batch and i'll be cold crashing all of my future brews.
  9. i bottled today after a 3 day cold crash at about 35f. the trub was solid and the last bottle had no visible sediment. the last bottle was only about 2/3 full but i had already added the 2 carbonation drops. i hope it doesn't pop. i did remove all the rings from the caps and i'm glad i did. before cleaning, i did a test fit with a cap on one bottle with the ring. after i removed the cap to sanitize, the ring remained and that bottle leaked while shaking the cleaner solution. i removed the ring before filling the bottle with the last of the ale in the keg. now the wait......
  10. haha, edited. camping brewer maybe? ;-) really tho...i was very happy with the taste of my sample. can't wait for the bubbles!
  11. the 3 weeks are up! before i put the lbk into the fridge to cold crash i took a hydrometer reading and tasted the sample. it tastes Good! the hydrometer read ~1.015. i'll bottle on monday and on tuesday i'll brew the sam smith nut brown ale. i'm a very happy brewer so far.
  12. ok, thanks. i guess i was thinking to put their food everywhere in the bottle quicker. if they're not picky, i won't be.
  13. would one be better off using granulated sugar as it would go into solution faster than the carbonation drops supplied with my kit? they seem kinda like hard candy and would take longer to dissolve.
  14. here i am 1 week into my ale. everything seems to be going fine. i shined a flashlite into my lbk but couldn't see any activity. the outside of it is kinda dirty from a bit of foam that was produced during initial fermentation that bubbled through the lid so it's hard to see clearly inside. i do have a layer of trub on the bottom of my tilted lbk. no worries. waiting for feb 2nd to bottle. time is going slow!
  15. oh i'm going to make it for my next brew. i'll surely keep y'all posted. i have 2 weeks left on my kit brew i'm dong now, then my lbk will be free.