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  1. I love this refill but sadly it is going away so I am Thinking of getting 2 cans and playing around with it. Was wondering what would suit this better? Something like adding lme Or fruit or maybe a cup of honey? Maybe something I am not thinking about? What are your ideas. I am not advanced to partial mash yet so I won't be doing any of that just adding simple ingredients. Any suggestions?
  2. Exactly what I was trying to say but you said it less confusing I think.
  3. As soon as your able to cold crash i would it really does matter. just put the LBK in the fridge for 3 days is all you have to do and bottle while it is cold really clears it all up.
  4. Here is my advice for what its worth as I do not have the experience that the above members have but I am speaking from recently learned situations. 1. Cold crash for 3 days 2. Clean spigot before you bottle with sanitiser 3. when bottling do so at an angle so you have no air bubbles (even better use a wand if you can) 4. condition longer than you think you need to. 6 weeks should be the best I usually go for 4 because I am impatient. 5. When you chill your bottles let them set for 3 days i learned this one on my own not sure how the others feel about this but it seems to taste much better after 3 days. 6 do not get discouraged if you american light does not turn out the way you thought. This was my least favourite so far and my first but most is probably due to being my first. y second was Octoberfest and it was amazing. 7. read read talk to these wise brewers on the forum and check out the feeds on twitch they will answer your every question even ones you didnt know you had.
  5. Josh a few months ago I suggested an asian style (rice beer) and you seemed interested. Any progress on that?
  6. From what I read however you CAN give bottles away to friends or co-workers as gifts but serving at functions other than a private party at your house is agaisnt the law. I wish someone would challenge the law at least in TN that would allow the sale of Homebrew in bottles not to be consumed at the sale location but the ability to sell per bottle at fairs and farmes markets I don't see why this couldn't be a law. Of course there would be many many admendments to it such as abv etc and it could be a tough sell to state Senate due to age limits and the Brewers being responsible for underage sale etc but it is a thought.
  7. Hahaha fixed the stupid autocorrect mistake.
  8. This is the only hobby I done where everyone is so helpful. Try asking some artists and crafter's how they do something and they'll someti!mes say its a secret cause they don't want others to do it for some reason
  9. Awesome I will be adding a new tool to my brewing utensils . thanks for this tip.
  10. No thanks to GMO yeast I hope Mr beer stays away from it
  11. So what's your trick to such a clean can?
  12. I added a cup of brown kayro against many warnings not to and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar it was good. So far from what i am feeling at least for me if I am going to experiment it will be with octoberfest
  13. had 3 last night of the twisted octoberfest very good stuff i really need a hydrometer cause ...well... 3 was all i needed lol
  14. USed to drive to fanlin every friday night in the 90s for rocky horror HAHAHA
  15. LOL I lived on harding place road for 6 years back in the 90s but came back home to CHattanooga. I am 2 hours away but my car would never make it lol