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  1. Wow what an amazing list tells me everything I need to know. I wonder why mr beer instructions didn't include this info? Or maybe they did and I didn't see it ?
  2. I searched the forum and didn't see this asked so if it has and i didn't find it i apologize. I know the cans of refill can be stored at room temp and i know the yeast can be stored at room temp or in fridge to make it last longer and i know grains and fresh ingredients require the fridge but what about lme? What is the proper way to store lme? I just ordered some and i have had them sitting in my art room for 3 days, it made me question if i am not doing something important.
  3. I know this is very old thead but I'm in chattanooga a mere 2 hrs away
  4. Good To Know In Case I Ever Brew CRAPPY Tasting Beer
  5. Beahahahahaha true
  6. YES THAT IS IT I knew i wasnt crazy
  7. What would happen if i add a couple boosters and a cup of brown sugar like some other recipes call for maybe an LME? Would it be best to use an lme at all or just the brown sugar?
  8. Everyone likes what they like how they like it. I know on my trip to Nicaragua some days i was out there away from anything and any type of refrigeration is rare where i was. I was given hot beer over and over and guess what i drank it and guess double what what? I actually grew a taste for it and now i dont care if my beer is 35 degrees 70 degrees or 90 degrees ill drank it and ill for sure taste the difference no lie BUT it doesn't bother me one bit ITS BEER! And if your on little corn Island ever they have blackouts from time to time so anything you get there at times not always can be a little warm unless someone has a generator and i think there are 2 on the island. Just a FYI ahahahahaha So let the man freeze his mugs I DO IT TOO
  9. Yes I guess everyone has different taste buds. I never tasted it as watery in Lucky Buddah, sapporo, nor Hanamachi. That is all the ones I have tried I think but I feel im forgetting one. Anyway they all taste very deep and rich to me yes they are light but rich not watery to me. In fact i it is a paradox in my head as they taste rich like a dark dark ale but light like Horchata. (Wrap that around your brain, it is hard to imagine i know) They also have a pretty good ABV not associated with watery beer like bud light.
  10. EYE EYE CAPN Noted and will be remembered. OH, And by the way I have been reading this forum and other ones in the last 2 months probably more than a school child reads in 12 years . Just sayin
  11. I know i saw it in the old old discontinued recipes but then again now that i think about it, it could have been a cider recipe or a cider hybrid.
  12. OMG I know this is an old post and i normally wouldn't bring back the dead unless relevent but DUDE YOUR CHILI LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!
  13. But some recipes call for a cup of white granulated sugar and these are Mr. Beer own recipes. Would you have substituted that?
  14. EXCITING! Keep us posted
  15. any suggestions on conditioning time?
  16. I hae one of these being shipped now Curious on what the the best conditioning time you guys have experienced.
  17. MR. BEER Please develop some asian style beers PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE? @MRB Josh R PSST PASS IT ON?
  18. Again I tasted it at 3 weeks = cidery let it go 4 and it was perfect I do think that is good reason (if it is not perfect keep it going is what I was thinking and at least for me it was the right move. ) and as far as hydrometer I am so confused about them too complicated for me. I almost bought one then watched videos how to use them and my brain started to cramp. When they have something with a simple digital reading to tell you the ABV just by dipping it in i am getting it until then i am afraid i would be struggling to use one.
  19. Just wondering you guys that use the advanced recipes what are some creative ideas you do with the yeast you have left over from under the lid that you didn't use in the recipe?
  20. Thank you so much for clearing all that up. Makes more sense.
  21. Curious how this turned out?
  22. I am starting to wonder if 3 weeks fermintation is enough. The instructions say 4 at most and i think if that is the most it can only do better not wrose to push it all the through to the end. I tasted a batch after 3 weeks and was cidery 4 weeks was good and ready to carb. I am also conditioning longer than it says to as many users here have stated it is worth it. It is hard to resist but i would rather have great beer later than sour or lame beer now.
  23. Just purchased this and it does say to cold lager does this mean what the original poster was talking about?
  24. Same here
  25. I am a newb but i will tell you this. I do believe everyone is right about temp control HOWEVER i did my first batch of american light ambient temp 72 3 weeks in cidery taste so i kept it in the fermenter one more week to 4 weeks and vwalla cidery taste gone, tasted like a flat beer from the store to me. I am wondering if when the temps cause the cidery taste longer fermentation will eradicate it? It sure seems so for me. I am now conditioning it taking advice on here at 6 weeks instead of 3. So soon i will have a full report.