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  1. Ya it’s funny. I’m in Lubbock tx today visiting my college student. The 1st thing I did today was google local breweries and home brew shops in Lubbock. #obsessed
  2. Keller, TX here
  3. @RickBeer thanks for the info. I’ve actually been reading a ton. I understand what you’re saying. I didn’t mean to imply that 1 will be good under all conditions. Just talking about normal water bottles. Rick you should do a mr beer podcast. I listen to some of the home brew ones and they are waaaaay over my head. Would be nice if there was one out there just talking mr beer. I’d listen.
  4. i have found that 1 frozen water bottle in the cooler keeps it in that low to mid 60’s range for a couple of days if I just leave it alone. Can’t believe that I had 4 bottles in there to start with. Learning curve.
  5. That’s good to know. You know the closet it’s been in for 3 weeks has been around 70 the whole time. I’ve been worried about it. Also put a lot of effort into it including going to my local HBS in dallas/fw area to get the grains, dme and yeast. Was a blast making it. Will post again when I cop a taste while bottling.
  6. Cato.....ya we will. I got a black beer’d porter in the closet (pre temp control knowledge)I’m about to bottle this weekend. Anxious to see if the dark beers will be good despite higher temps. Thunder Bay in the cooler and MMM on deck, and whispering wheat in the hole. BTW I don’t know crap about brewing but I do know a lot about smoking ribs and brisket.....we’ll have to create a thread for that!
  7. @Cato as you may remember I’m right there with you. I’ve already chalked it up to rookie batches and temp control (although they were all around 70) for my 1st 3 batches. Hoping for success with the cooler. Good luck!
  8. Came home today and checked the temp.....bam! 😢
  9. Since we’re talking about taking a lbk sample I have a question.....after you whisk up the wort/water mix in the lbk do you just take a sanitized something to draw some wort out for OG before pitching? Or do you use the spigot? before bottling after 3 weeks do you take a FG sample and then wait a few days and take another? Do you use the spigot and then resanitize it? Or just take a FG sample while bottling to determine abv and just roll with it? I definitley want a hydrometer. Next time mrb offers free shipping I will throw one in with my order.
  10. Ok I will do that. So are you saying that I may have had it too cold during the 1st 72? I see foam on top of the wort. I was just trying to see what kind of environment my cooler was creating.
  11. I just turned on my digital thermometer and the cooler is holding a steady 60-61. Have the probe sitting on top of the LBK. Nothing very complicated, just one frozen water bottle in the cooler. I’m gonna leave it alone and not open it. Right now is 72 hrs fermenting. Think I’ll just let it warm up a little on its own.
  12. They were like $1 something for the box. Good deal.
  13. Yup I just picked these up at my local Kroger and used them to bottle. Used 4 per 740 ml bottle. Easy but so are the drops.
  14. Dawg, thanks for for the tip. Having basically blown my 1st three batches I’m a little paranoid but glad to be on the cool side now. Jdub
  15. I had an epiphany last night. I got out my Weber igrill (meat thermometer) which is normally reserved for a brisket or prime rib. I put the probe in cooler and set the unit right on top of my cooler. Monitoring temp excellent now. It was too cold last night. Haven’t quite hit 60 yet. Had one frozen water bottle in there and will just leave it alone and let it slowly work it’s way up to the 60’s. Wort has been in cooler 24 hours now so I figure this is the time I want cooler temps. Cooler holds the cold temp excellent. Hopefully will hit 60’s tonight when I get home.