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  1. Jdub

    did my bottling for first batch

    hey congrats! glad to hear that it's a success. you're entering into a fun and addictive hobby.
  2. Jdub

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    that's what i think i will try, the teflon tape wrap. will test with water 1st!
  3. Jdub

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    hmmmm i bought mine from my HBS. fits in there perfect, but it's loose. maybe i'll try the MRB next time i order from them.
  4. Jdub

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    i was wondering about that. i bought a bottling wand recently and noticed it fit inside the spigot. Fit pretty loose. Is that how it's supposed to be used?
  5. Jdub

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    made a starter tonight with omega belgian ale yeast. gonna brew up a dubbel recipe in a few days. have MRB Black Moon Rising round 2 on deck after that.
  6. Jdub

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    i like that hose barb on the spigot. that would be handy for a bottling wand or something like that.
  7. Jdub

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    i think just the spigot.
  8. Jdub

    Leaking Spigot

    i know this doesnt help now but im 3 for 3. all 3 of my lbk's needed sanding around the outside edges. when i tested them initially for leaks as per the instructions they all failed right out of the box. many batches later they all work great now!
  9. Jdub

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    that's an old school LBK. I like it! hope your brew turns out excellent.
  10. Jdub

    BrewMax Booster won't dissolve??

    i know they say to add it to cold water and stir it in till it dissolves. i usually add it at flameout at the same time i'm adding the HME can, LME....etc. Yes, i believe that yeast will chew up any chunks of sugar that are not dissolved, but i doubt they will stay clumps for long once they're in the wort.
  11. Jdub

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    making a starter tonight with wyeast czech pilsner. brewing a pils recipe this weekend. gonna lager it the right way.
  12. Jdub

    Miller Lite

    wow.....had no idea about some of my favorite brands. don't know if I will stop buying modelo negra and space dust, but good to know. more likely to support my local HBS or MRB and buy the ingredients to try and replicate brews that i really like.
  13. Jdub

    Partial Mash

    you know what i did? i just threw the hops in with the boil (no sacks). i also cold crashed and didn't have any issues with hops floating around. When we're all drinking home brew we don't pour that last 1/4" anyway, so you'll be good! folks on this forum know far more than me about methods (and crystal malt types....jeesh!) It turned out fantastic for me. i like super citra hopped brew. I did throw 1 sack in for the dry hop though.....
  14. Jdub

    Partial Mash

    i have only used pellet hops. never used whole leaf hops.
  15. Jdub

    Partial Mash

    my lhbs asks me if want grains milled or whole, i didn't know either at 1st, but you want them milled. when you get grains from mr beer in a PM kit, they are milled/crushed.