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  1. Jdub

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    just pitch it bro
  2. Jdub

    Is this an infection?

    if anyone cares....an update. i cold crashed for 3 days after 21 days fermenting. all of the yeast dropped to the bottom. nothing on top. had a taste and it was good. little low gravity for my taste, but was good. this is an AG pale ale. only got 21 12 oz glass bottles. made the recipe 2.5 gallons but there was a TON of trub in the bottom of my LBK.
  3. Jdub

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    i know....i'm not experienced enough yet to do much "seasonal" brewing. I like beer and that octoberfest hme can was staring at me! going to LHBS tomorrow. got a couple of recipes i'm gonna stock up for.
  4. Jdub

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    brewing Mr Beer's Zombie Fest partial mash recipe tomorrow. Have a couple of JDub mods. using a wyeast kolsch liquid yeast that im getting to room temp now. also i'm adding a booster. anyone brewed up this recipe before?
  5. Jdub

    Is this an infection?

    that's great to know. although it will interesting bottling it b/c i don't want that stuff anywhere near my spigot. we'll see if cold crashing it in a few days will help. I used Hothead before with a batch of santa rita pale ale, and never experienced that.
  6. Jdub

    Is this an infection?

    @Nickfixit @BDawg62 @Creeps McLane i e-mailed Omega. got a quick response from the owner: "Some of the kveik cultures, like Hothead, form a thick, persistent krausen on top of the fermented beer. What you're describing doesn't sound like an infection. We brewed a porter recently where HotHead did the same thing." I also sent him a picture and he said he suspects it will be fine and to go ahead and taste it. Looked like kveik yeast sitting on top to him. JDub
  7. Jdub

    Is this an infection?

    yeah what got me is the crunch sound when the hop sack broke through it. also this is day 18. i would expect clear beer with very little foam on top. I'm not sure. i would agree except it's day 18. haven't seen that before. however, I haven't seen everything.
  8. Jdub

    Is this an infection?

    im thinking i have my 1st infection. this is an ipa. i used omega hothead and so this batch is not temp controlled. ambient ranged from 68-78. this is day 18. i was dry hopping it and i opened the lid and dropped the hop sack in. there was/is a thick bubbly foam. looks moldy to me. kind of crunched a little bit as it broke through the "crust". before I dump it, does anyone disagree with me about this? i thought i was spot on with my sanitation. something could have happened when i was cooling the wort down with ice in my sink. don't know.
  9. Jdub

    New 3G Conical Fermenter

    call mr beer customer service. they have always been super helpful to me. even when i want to trick up one of their recipes, they are down for the conversation. i also really like visiting my local HBS.
  10. i mean, like no kidding....forget the milk, meat, eggs and stuff in the kitchen fridge. I'm not quite two weeks deep into lagering an octoberfest people!
  11. We had a power outage for about an hour today in our neighborhood for whatever reason. Does it make me a bad person that my 1st thought was will i have to reset my inkbird controller?
  12. Jdub

    Something other than booster

    some people may like it but i'm with you. I think I've only used brown sugar once (that voodoo that you do) didn't care for the flavor. It's been in bottles about 6 mos and I still am not a big fan. haven't used enough to form an opinion.
  13. Jdub

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    thinking about a Pilsner. haven't brewed one yet.
  14. Jdub

    Pumpkin beer attempt

    ive never used pumpkin in a recipe however i looked at the MRB recipe for Pumpkin Rising and it looks like the instructions say to add it a week into fermentation, and that is after baking for a while, not with your steeping grains. I think you'd get more of the pumpkin flavor by adding it after 1 week. Pumpkin spice ale instructions tell you to add it once the wort is in the LBK. Hey, maybe it turns out great for you. Let us know!