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  1. Jdub

    I cannot lager

    Ok thanks Josh. I will do just that. It’s a negra modelo clone recipe and I can’t wait to try it.
  2. Jdub

    I cannot lager

    So I just bottled a lager last week. 3 weeks in lbk at ~55 deg, last 3 days diacetyl rest at ~65 then bottled. Will carb for 3 weeks and then what? Put it all in the fridge for a few weeks? Not sure what to do.
  3. Jdub

    First partial mash attempt & newbie mistakes

    I made BBP earlier this year. I was adding heat to my pot during the steeping process and got distracted. Next thing I know the temp is 180-ish for a short while. I was really concerned. Beer turned out great. Better now that it’s several months conditioned. By the way I don’t cool the wort down ( ice bath ). The cold water in the lbk is sufficient for that unless you use excessive water for steeping. Good luck!
  4. I live in a very warm climate and I’m able to maintain mid 60’s with one normal size frozen water bottle every 24 hrs in a Coleman cooler.
  5. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    I’m starting to wonder about conditioning temps. I store all mine upstairs where the temp is 68-78. I always figured it’s supposed to be warmer for conditioning. Don’t have a constantly cool place like a basement to store in.
  6. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    The only thing that I can think of is the water. That is the one constant for me. I use Walmart or Kroger gallon jugs of spring water. My temps for fermenting are in the low to mid 60’s. I still get that apple cider taste. Will let some of these condition longer and see what happens.
  7. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    This is a great topic. I only have about 12 batches under my belt now but the majority have a cidery twang about them. My tangerous ipa I just tried was completely devoid of cider. I had never used long play hme before either. I did nothing different as far as temps....etc. This is after 1 month in bottles. Then I try my voodoo which I bottled 2 months ago and quite cidery. I’m gonna try a recipe soon with no canned hme. Just grains, hops and dme. I’m willing to bet in advanced that I won’t get a cider taste. Not sure.
  8. Jdub

    3 days worth chillin'

    I’ve already noticed my Thunder Bay ipa is losing its hoppiness. It was prominent at 1st but a month later the American ale hme flavor has taken over.
  9. Jdub

    3 days worth chillin'

    Having just had my whispering wheat come online into the drinking rotation, are you saying that it gets worse over time? Or just doesn’t get better? Just had one with an orange slice last night. Pretty darn good. A little extract twang but tasty.
  10. @Cato @Creeps McLane I have a can of nw ipa and I think I’m gonna try the Santa Rita Pale Ale recipe that @Shrike said was good. It has been tough temp controlling now that it’s hot. Think I’m gonna try that hothead yeast on a batch and see how it turns out. I have a lager in a cooler in my 90-100 degree garage right now. 4 frozen bottles every 24 hrs. It’s an RTIC cooler so it holds good temp but still....wanna try an omega batch and just keep it in a closet somewhere, no cooler, and not worry about temps.
  11. Jdub

    bread yeast experiment?

    With the amount of time invested in a batch of brew, I’d go to my local HBS and buy some proper yeast. But what do I know.....?
  12. Jdub

    Really odd question

    I called mrb customer service a few weeks ago asking the same question. They said you can’t tell them apart. I find that surprising. Mine are all mixed up too.
  13. Ya the 1st round of zest and hops I put in the same hop sack. You’re also boiling it while mixing the wort. The 2nd round I covered in vodka and poured it and the hops into another sack together. Didn’t want floaties. Sample tasted good. Looking forward to the finished product. Good luck with yours!
  14. Jdub

    how to handle a true lager?

    How did your Helles turn out? I have a can I’m going to brew soon but this whole lager topic has got me like....😳
  15. Jdub

    American Series Standard Refill 4 Pack

    I got the same 4 pack. I looked up recipes for each of those hme’s on the mrb site and bought ingredients like hops and grains at my local HBS. It was cool talking to them about what I was doing and they offered lots of suggestions. I did Thunder Bay ipa, Black beer’d porter, horse’s ass ale, and grass cutter is on deck. Or or you can make them straight up. Just my 2 cents.