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  1. Jdub

    Something other than booster

    what are you trying to do? boost ABV? You could add a cup of honey when you're adding the HME and that would result in higher ABV and a drier beer.
  2. Jdub

    Partial Mash Mixup

    many great things were invented by mistake!
  3. Jdub

    Partial Mash Mixup

    i'll take a shot at this.....maybe stronger, more malty flavor? slightly higher ABV? I'll bet it turns out great.
  4. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    @Shrike is speaking the truth.....long play ipa i brewed for the tangerously hoppy ipa and no twang at all. one of my best brews. Anything american ale refill, i have noticed it. CAL, i have used in 2 versions of horse's ass, and have noticed it both times. no worries, i learned a ton in the process and if anything made me curious as to how to make it better. i made beer!
  5. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    @Cato lol that's good stuff. yes, for mrb recipes i do the same thing in terms of keeping the gallon jugs of water in the fridge. I'm pretty certain that my pitch temps are good. in fact a couple of cases i was worried that it was too cold. for larger mashes that require more water, I will do ice bath in sink and that has worked well. My AG batches, I used a couple of bags of ice. that has worked and I get wort down to ~70 pretty quick. bottling an AG hefe next week. looking forward to sampling. i wonder what effect making a yeast starter could have? maybe none? or maybe it could help.....don't know.
  6. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    it's something b/c so many people on this forum brew up a recipe and rave about it, and I will brew up the exact same recipe and have lots of apple cider flavor. I just don't get it. I have observed that they seem to get better over time, but I'm talking several months conditioning. i do know that i brewed a DME recipe recently and had zero off flavors. it was very good.
  7. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    right i hear what you're saying. maybe there is something to the pitching temps as far as off flavors go. i've just followed the MRB instructions in the past using chilled water in the LBK etc.
  8. Jdub

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    one problem with home brewing is there are so damn many recipes out there, and I wanna brew them all!
  9. Jdub

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    i used WLP001 california ale yeast on my last porter batch. i also picked up some more omega hothead for my next pale ale coming up. i really like the varieties of stuff you can make beer with.
  10. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    i don't think that the apple cider effect is from conditioning. The reason is that I always taste a sample while bottling. I would almost always taste it then. I haven't solved the mystery yet. good luck!
  11. Jdub

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    @youdontknowme311 any progress on the apple cider front? just curious as I was reading through this "old" thread.
  12. i have had lots of well documented apple cider vinegar taste in almost all of my batches. the darker beers tend to mask it quite a bit. i use the sanitizer that comes with the refills. I don't think my sanitization is the problem. I am going to try using starsan as well. I think temp control in the low 60's is the key. especially during krausen.
  13. Jdub

    ABV boost

    you can try experimenting for sure....however, if you look at the MRB website and look at the recipes section, you can see all the recipes with any particular HME. there are 6 CAL recipes out there where the brewmasters at MRB have already done the experimenting for you. I do like the "harvey special" recipe that was posted earlier by @epete28. contrary to this forum, i generally try to boost abv a bit via booster, or honey, or LME. I would suggest picking up some of the Winter Dark Ale HME when it's available. That is outstanding and may be to your liking.
  14. Jdub

    ABV boost

    i have a can of CAL hanging around. will have to try that!
  15. Jdub

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    you'll like it! I let some friends sample it and they all liked it.
  16. Jdub

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    Dawg, I've been messing around with Beersmith. What a great program. Downloaded a few recipes and brewed one already. building a 5 gal mash tun right now and I like how you can scale the recipes to your equipment and it tells you the gallons to heat up and to what temp for mash and batch sparge. thanks for the tip.
  17. Jdub

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    Black Moon Rising Black Beer'd Porter Santa Rita Pale Ale Tangerously Hoppy IPA El Gordito w/booster and Robust LME pack
  18. my ale solution for vacation time is that omega hothead yeast that @Cato turned me on to. Did that in June when out of town for a week for my Santa Rita batch. Good call. Love the flavor that it has.
  19. Jdub


    that is greatness. i'll bet your basement smells good. and here i am opening store bought packs of hops.....SMH.
  20. i mean really ales are no problem whatsoever in my cooler, like 1 water bottle change out per day. However, lagers....it would be nice to set temp at 55 and walk away.
  21. just bought one. gonna see how it works out.
  22. Jdub

    New to brewing

    As far as that goes, I have wasted quite a bit of time and money because I didn't know what I didn't know early on. However, I know what you mean. I never sample while fermenting. Just try a little at bottling time/3 week mark. With temp control being one of the things I didn't know about up front, you're ahead of the game big time. Good luck!
  23. Jdub

    Long Play Session IPA Slow Start

    what @Shrike said....i wouldn't pitch any more yeast. Also the wort temp may have something to do with it. colder the fermentation room/cooler/fridge the slower possibly. good luck!
  24. Jdub

    Going With Less Sugar

    i use mostly 12 oz glass. i feel like i get a better seal with the caps. i had an instance in january of a bad batch of 740ml PET bottles that leaked gas or i didnt get the lids tight enough.....anyways i just like glass with one domino dot per.
  25. Jdub

    14 Days Into Fermentation

    T Bone....my 1st batch in january i would look at it with a flashlight multiple times per day. didn't take me long to buy a second LBK. sometimes amazon or walmart have kits on sale that come with the keg. good way to get some variety going quicker. good luck!