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  1. Read Rick Beer's referenced in his posts. Look in Cold crashing he right on top.
  2. Jdub first batch is complete one in fridge and was ok. 2nd a week later and taste some improvement. I had issues with this first one. I have another batch in bottles now and waiting for results. Thinking second will be better than first since this was my very first try.
  3. Batch # 2 Horses ass in bottle. I think I am addicted. LOL!
  4. Thanks KC. I reread his links before I start another batch. Which will hopefully be Saturday making #3 Watermelon Wheat.
  5. Bottled last night lets see what 4 more weeks bring. Started another batch Horse's ass last week lets see which comes out better.
  6. Got up and running Monday. Temps perfect 68, Tuesday night could tell fermenting is going. Last night room temp 67 kegs showing 66 no bubbling from top. Raised temp this morn keg temp 68 no bubbling and it feel cool to touch. I am using 2 gal conical. Any ideas?
  7. Hello all been reading on and off for couple years now. Between the Harley and the Ol' Lady always was told nope. Now I am finally going to give it a go. I have found a lot of great info on here and await your feed back if a problem arises. Wish me luck