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  1. Had the first trub bottle on Long Play just now. Going to warm condition another 2 weeks and see what happens. Its ok right now, wouldn't buy another 6 pack of it. Don't know if its my preference, or needs more conditioning.
  2. Next up Diablo. We watch our daughters dog Ike every year for 2 weeks when she and our son-in-law go on vacation. I like Ike we get along great and have fun going to the park and hanging out. However, the beer label I made Stupid Dog my wife thought would upset our daughter, redo. Now she says my new beer label (attached) would also not be amusing to our daughter. I was in tears making them, oh well back to drawing board.
  3. Had my first ever beer a day earlier than expected. It was good, not great at first. However, I started enjoying it more and more as it warmed up and noticing flavors not tasted when colder. Tomorrow I will try another not being in fridge, but in a chilled glass. I do have the benefit of a 55 degree cellar that most don't. Will report on findings tomorrow.
  4. Long Play IPA, 3 weeks ferment, 4 weeks condition, 1rst of 3 days in fridge. This was the last bottle of 11, had some trub when bottled, some seems like it vanished. Designed my own label for first batch, used my dog Buster for label.
  5. It was decided to remove all rings from bottle caps before putting on any bottles. (original kit 11 bottles-740ml, additional (3) 12 bottles-740ml) Made no sense to me to use rings. If not an issue now, it seemed as if it could be later for cleaning, re-use & replacement. Small pliers used to slowly & carefully remove rings. Bottled 2 batches so far, no issues Don't expect any issues for next 2 bottling. The caps screw on firmly and securely, don't know how it's with the ring, never tried.
  8. I suspect Dear Park spring water was better for the fermenting than Poland Spring. Is this possible ? Or am I just a kook
  9. Creeps Mclane: 64-65 for fermenting keeps coming up. Oktoberfest deluxe kit is on its way. Big cooler in the basement with the ink-bird & seedling pad is keeping temp @71-72 for conditioning. Once all conditioning is done it will be set at 64-65 for fermenting. There will be a six week wait period since Long-Play, Diablo & Bewitched are all in the pipeline for conditioning. Bewitched currently has 2 more weeks fermenting, then 4 weeks conditioning.
  10. Curious, what would be the outcome if one carbonation drop was used in a 740ml bottle ?
  11. When Lager is ever read I can't help but think of how cold can I get it. Since were talking Ale's I think I found a sweet spot for fermenting. The spot I use high peaks @ 68-69 for the first few days, then 64-66 for reminder of 3 weeks. Have bewitched fermenting now. A couple of days it had tons of activity of foam and bubbles. More activity than previous brews (Long Play, Diablo), but did notice expiration of 2020 on bottom of Bewitched can. Long play had late 2018, Diablo had early 2019. Closely monitored stick on thermometer and it seems it peaked @ 68-69 and only several hours. We keep our house 62 at night so morning wort is around 64 rises to 68-69 first few days, then never goes above 66.
  12. RickBeer: That's what I thought, being deceived by the word Lager. 61 is the warmest spot on a shelf in the basement I can find, only goes lower from there I'll just use the usual spot where wort temp stays between 62-69.
  13. Ordered the Oktoberest lager deluxe refill kit. Considering the first week of fermentation to be in a location where air temp is constantly between 59-61. Is this too cold ? Thank You
  14. Thanks all Budweiser was a guaranteed headache, maybe I'm allergic to beechwood. Many thoughts shared on beer serving temperatures. My thoughts: 1. What is the actual temperature of beer as it hits your lips ? Warmer beer decreasing in temperature due to a cooler glass vs cooler beer increasing in temperature due to a warmer glass. May not be as much temperature difference as assumed. 2. Time is a factor, everything wants to get to room temperature, whatever it may be 3. The degree and length of cooling or warming, by the size and thickness of serving glass. 4. Different types of beers, different serving temperatures. 5. Personal preference If a citation is received, can it be paid by mail, or is there a mandated appearance before the tribunal ?
  15. Two sealed gallons of refrigerated spring water are used for the LBK process. There is a small amount of water left in 2nd gallon when filled to second line. Is there an issue if filled a little over the 2nd line on the LBK ?