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  1. Thank You
  2. And how long is this yeast good from date of manufacture ? Thanks
  3. Yeast packet with the churchill has "MrBeer 11216 5g CHURCHILL" stamped on it. What is the 11216 ? Thanks
  4. DME

    RickBeer: Thanks MRB Josh: Aren't you the movie star I've seen live online ? Used LME with deluxe Oktoberfest, and Irish Stout. Current thoughts are to use standard refills with DME instead of booster packs, your thoughts ?
  5. DME

    1. What would be the measurement (weight or volume)of DME to use for the LBK ? 2. When/how do you add the DME ? just like the LME ? 3. Does it add approx 1% ABV ? Looking to get 3lb of DME. Thanks
  6. Does fermenting 2 Mr beer craft refills (4 gallons) have acceptable headspace in a 5.3 gallon fermenting container ? Thanks
  7. Creeps, Good advice, message well received. Thanks
  8. This looks interesting
  9. What would possibly be a good alternative to 2 LBKs ? 2 LBKs will sustain an acceptable level of brews. However, I'm not keen on filling and cleaning 2 LBKs, possibly one bucket ? conical ? Thoughts, suggestions ?
  11. Brian N.: Thanks
  12. Thanks, currently that are my thoughts. Inquiring before I jump in with both feet, and buy enough bottles for a pipeline to sustain my drinking.
  13. Not doing glass. Are Oxygen 740ml bottles worth the extra cost over regular PET bottles, if you don't intend to condition longer than a year ? Are Oxygen 740ml bottles worth the extra cost just for their durability ? How do you prep/clean PET bottles to be reused. Thanks
  14. MiniYoda: Thanks again, exactly what I was hoping for.
  15. Thanks, that one worked. I use Ubuntu (Linux) and have LibreOffice :>