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  1. I tasted tips from some pine trees, some were very bitter like cedar, these seemed fine I believe they are spruce. Sampled Nut Brown Ale after 17 days, tasted good and nutty bottled it up, used US05 yeast and well tap water first time. While splitting hickory wood in backyard there's an aroma of bacon, hmm might try another test batch with hickory wood. Currently struggling to drink up Oktoberfest to get empty bottles, not a good drink. Sampled Northwest and it was very good ,going to age that one a bit.
  2. Made American Ale as directed, with the following modifications. 1. Boiled 1/2 cup Honey & 33 young spruce tips (in hop sack) for 10 minutes. 2. Discarded hop sack, continued with American Ale directions 3. Double pitched yeast
  3. If not able to feel the difference, weigh them on a postage or food scale.
  4. Can I pitch whole packet into LBK ? and do I need to hydrate ?
  5. Thanks, always ferment 3 weeks. LBK sits in a location that I believe will stay in the 65-72 range.
  6. Thank You !
  7. Picked some of these and put in freezer for Xmas Beer Xperiment.
  8. Standard refills come with 2 boosters, and sold individually, $1.75 X 2 = $3.50. LME & DME are sold for $3.49 each. Would it make sense to have a choice of one LME or DME instead of 2 boosters ?
  9. Could I use one carb tab instead of two for the 740ml bottles ? I don't care for that much carbonation (mouthfeel ?) in my beer. I am not a fan of carbonation, including seltzer and soda.
  10. hmm
  11. Yeast packet with the churchill has "MrBeer 11216 5g CHURCHILL" stamped on it. What is the 11216 ? Thanks
  12. Don't know, the one who I sometimes listen to or obey bought them.
  13. Bottled St Pat Stout and used 2 slightly rounded 1/2 teaspoons turbinado sugar. Used 1/2 teaspoon because it fits easier in neck of bottle, estimated 1 1/4 teaspoons used. Started Churchill beer and used chilled home well water, pitched whole packet of Safale-US05. Used turbinado sugar because it was on sale. Used Safale-US05 because its range is lower than Mr B yeast. The spot used to brew often gets to 60 at night. Highly suspect not getting true 3 weeks of fermenting due to possible stalling, and just had to try a different yeast.
  14. Thanks all, going to use one carb tab instead of two, and see how that goes. Would it be correct to say the ABV will not change, if one carb tab is used instead of two for a 740ml bottle ?
  15. Thanks all. Double checking, didn't think it would be an issue. The first thing that crosses my mind when drinking a new batch is "I wish there was less fizz on my mouth and tongue" Does anyone use DME instead of sugar for carbonation ? If so, what would be the ratio, 2 teaspoons sugar = ___ DME. What would be the taste difference using DME, if any.
  16. What would possibly be a good alternative to 2 LBKs ? 2 LBKs will sustain an acceptable level of brews. However, I'm not keen on filling and cleaning 2 LBKs, possibly one bucket ? conical ? Thoughts, suggestions ?
  17. Thank You
  18. And how long is this yeast good from date of manufacture ? Thanks
  19. DME

    1. What would be the measurement (weight or volume)of DME to use for the LBK ? 2. When/how do you add the DME ? just like the LME ? 3. Does it add approx 1% ABV ? Looking to get 3lb of DME. Thanks
  20. DME

    RickBeer: Thanks MRB Josh: Aren't you the movie star I've seen live online ? Used LME with deluxe Oktoberfest, and Irish Stout. Current thoughts are to use standard refills with DME instead of booster packs, your thoughts ?
  21. Not doing glass. Are Oxygen 740ml bottles worth the extra cost over regular PET bottles, if you don't intend to condition longer than a year ? Are Oxygen 740ml bottles worth the extra cost just for their durability ? How do you prep/clean PET bottles to be reused. Thanks
  22. Does fermenting 2 Mr beer craft refills (4 gallons) have acceptable headspace in a 5.3 gallon fermenting container ? Thanks
  23. Creeps, Good advice, message well received. Thanks
  24. This looks interesting