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  1. Cato

    S-04 & US-05 @ Low Temps

    Another to consider is Nottingham its rated range is 57-70F. I really like that yeast and it's quite a neutral yeast.
  2. Cato

    Time to get the Weißbier ready

    Um, your Pops is probably my age or could be younger. Um, you probably have enough spare equipment to get him started?🙄
  3. Cato

    Time to get the Weißbier ready

    He just needs a kegerator and a keg of Creeps Pop's Lager.
  4. Cato

    Time to get the Weißbier ready

    Lol, I could've done without the Liberace picture. His show would be on early Saturday mornings when I was a kid and thus be standing between me and my fav cartoons! Yeah, I begrudge him that and all those candelabras, kinda creeped me out back then.
  5. Cato

    Timeline chart explanation

    Summons to Ann Arbor, likely in the mail.
  6. Cato

    6qt Insta-Pot

    With S-04 I start out at 64 and I listen each day to the blow off jar bubbling frequency and as soon as it passes it's peak, then I'll go up to 65 for the next week and then to 66. My goal is to try and keep them somewhat active to clean things up. I had read that S-04 can get off to a quick start and finish early, so whether my little method actually is valid with this yeast, I can't say. We'll see if my final gravity supports it. It did last time I used this yeast but that could've been a one off.
  7. Cato

    Alcohol content

    If you add the two bags of booster to say the Oktoberfest it would not ruin the taste and raise the alcohol level close to 5% according to MB description.
  8. Cato

    Alcohol content

    Sure, you can add another booster packet or some LME, liquid malts extract. MB sells those in Pale, Smooth, and Golden. You can read the descriptions on the online store. Two booster packs will raise the ABV about 1%, without changing the taste of the beer. I think one pack of MB LME is about .55 lbs and also adds about 1% ABV but can change the flavor of the beer. Look thru the recipes and you'll see a lot of them will show either using a bag or two of booster, or a pack of LME, to provide a little kick from what the standard can or craft refill would have. Those standard small cans of HME, are pretty weak in ABV by themselves and need some booster or LME to kick them into gear IMO.
  9. Man, if you'd have come on the forum when this first happened, we could have walked you through a light sanding on the inside, and told you to put the flat side of the nut to face the washer and you'd have been up and running that day! I've got three LBK's and I'm sure I did a light touch up on two of them and yeah one did take a few more minutes to get completely smooth, but once done they've never leaked since. Yes, I know that it'd be great if it came in perfect, but it's not a perfect world and its a plastic $10 keg. You could spend $200 on a nice kettle and still find a slight burr on the opening for the drain valve or temperature thermowell. Again maybe a touch or two with a fine metal file and you're brewing. So, if you want us to help we are all about that in the forum. Good luck whichever way you go, but if you want to put all this rough start aside so you can get brewing, let us know.
  10. Cato

    6qt Insta-Pot

    Pretty much the same recipe I used except I went AG and scaled it down for 4.25 gal in BS so it could all fit in the kettle. Also scaled the IBU's from 60 down to 49. Should yield me about 4 gal bottled and ABV of 6%. I ended up going with S-04 and fermenting at 65F.
  11. Cato

    6qt Insta-Pot

    Yes, I got a Magic Chef 4.4 no freezer. It'll hold the 3.5 gal brew bucket and an LBK at same time, which is a good combo. It will also hold my 7 gal fermenter by itself. I use the bigger one for 3.5 to 4.5 gal batches since it just me drinking it, though I'll share a few here and there with my neighbors.
  12. Cato

    Timeline chart explanation

    Welcome to the forum @Khamp! Agreed that chart can be a little misleading on your first brew. Oh, and welcome to RickBeer's dry sense of humor. I'd almost wager that he knows those charts by heart, well if he was graced with one! However, he is quite helpful and has some very good reading in those links below his name. Good luck on your brews and definitely pay attention to your temp control. Putting the LBK in a constant 64-65 spot or in a cooler with a pint of frozen water changed out at 12hour periods will be a key factor in getting successful brews. Ask away if you have questions.
  13. Cato

    6qt Insta-Pot

    Hope so, with 10.5 lbs of grain and 5oz of Citra! Lol, all those hop additions nearly has wiped out my supply of throwaway hop sacks. Seriously though I'm looking forward to it, and immediately liked the recipe.
  14. Cato

    6qt Insta-Pot

    Lol, I sure hope their beer is good. Can't get it around here, but the recipe I'm using for my clone looks to make a nice pale ale, so I didnt alter it except for a little reduction in IBU's from 67 down to 49. My fermenter is bubbling some nice smells already from the blow off jar.
  15. Cato

    Caps Not Sealing

    True enough, but in the winter I'll include a PET with each batch because at 67-68F my beers take a bit longer to fully carb. Squeeze test let's me know when I can sample the trub bottle.