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  1. Thanks, Creeps McLane! Looks like I will have to start drinking some Sam Adams or similar, bottle capper would not crimp the Dos Equis at all!!
  2. Thanks Shrike!
  3. Ewww, thanks for the warning Rickbeer, and I should have prefaced Dos Equis Ambar! My beer inclinations are more towards Vienna lagers, red ales, and have read on here about lightstrike. Hehe, I don't know if they still make Moosehead, but after drinking one years ago, I still can't do green bottles of any type.
  4. So, an older thread but since I recently got a MB wing capper, do you have to double crimp all bottles or just the odd one every now and then? I've only tried one bottle with water so far and it seemed fine with just the single crimp. Right now saving up my Dos Equis bottles and will check one of those as well.
  5. That too is my aim in getting the second LBK, plus I'd like to be able to use one for batch priming.
  6. Bottled my Bewitched Amber today, and cold crashed for 2.5 days at 36F and got a cleaner yield as opposed to my Oktoberfest that I only cold crashed for 24 hrs. Trub stayed put so much that even when I tilted the keg forwards quite a bit for that last PET bottle it never budged.
  7. Hehe, a few weeks ago if somebody told me to pitch my yeast , I'd have thought that meant throwing it in the trash! Then I opened Pandora's box and found this little keg, cans of malt, bottles, and simple instructions for homebrew. Curiosity is a killer! Hey, it was an Xmas present, as in free, low cost, no overhead, free beer, why not give it a try? Now a month later, there's another, carton of PET bottles, case of long necks with bottle capper, beers in covered bins, another LBK mysteriously appeared. Wife opens the fridge and there's a keg in the fridge, LME, yeast packets, and little packets of rabbit turds (hops). Now I've even got a wand, a little different from Harry Potter's, and my first spell produced "lawnmower beer" and second spell is a Bewitching one! Folks trouble is brewing here! I must be having fun.
  8. Lol, I knew that was coming Rickbeer! I'm not sure that's a habit I'll ever break away from at least for the first one, but who knows, if I can up my brewing game like you guys then maybe. Now the pour, I guess I've always poured down the side to avoid the foam mustache. My next one I'll give it a try as you suggest.
  9. Tasting my first sample of Oktoberfest at 3weeks. Probably needs a few more weeks, but it's certainly drinkable, so that's something positive. Got wife to try it and she said, " That's not bad at all", hey I can live with that on first sample! Carbonation seems fine while drinking but didn't produce much head when pouring.
  10. Update- after 2 days of cold crashing the lbk of Bewitched Amber, the strong cider taste is dialed way back and now is just a slight taste of apple. I'm letting the small sample I drew warm up on the counter, but feeling much encouraged about bottling tomorrow! I'm guessing that yeast settling and compaction of the trub during cold crash is responsible. Glad too that I propped up the spigot end.
  11. Nice to know as I have nearly the same cooler ready for my next batch, so thanks for sharing.
  12. Thanks for your input Creeps McLane! Hehe, not sure anything but aging in the bottle is going to help this current Bewildered Amber batch, but my next on the schedule calls for US-05 yeast, and I have some idea now on how to maintain some temp control. It's gonna get better from here on out!
  13. Thanks Rickbeer for your input and help as us new to this try to get our act together.
  14. Jdub, yes if we'd only known but that didn't happen. Still hoping that some bottle conditioning will mellow out our first batches, though that may take a couple months. Like you I'm going with the cooler and temp probe for my upcoming batch of Witch's Flight. Got a hydrometer, another LBK, bottle capper, and bottles. Not going to let these first batches get me down, if anything a bit more determined to succeed. Lol, smoking some baby backs tonight to wash away the pain! Good luck on your Munich Monster batch! We will get it right.
  15. I was two batches in before joining the forum and finding out that ambient 68F was too high for the fermenter especially that first week. Batch #2 , Bewitched Amber with an LME smoothpack I put in the fridge today for cold crashing and tasted a sample. Sample did have some trub in it but had a strong cider taste. If I cold crash for several days and then bottle is there a chance that over time the cider taste will abate? I'll be better prepared for batch 3 with cooler, thermometer, ice bottles, but hoping maybe I can salvage the Bewitched batch if possible. Lol, at least I know how to create cider with a big kick, but not sure that I can acquire a taste for it. Thanks in advance for any input, and lots of thanks for all the info on this forum for us new to brewing. It's a tremendous help!