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  1. Cato

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Lol, my first thought was how does one head north in Wisconsin? Then I remembered that Michigan has that little finger peninsula that sticks out, or of course maybe your headed to Canada! Regardless, looking forward to hearing about your yeast harvesting venture.
  2. Cato

    22mm Socket (Deep Well)

    Yep, once I've filed any burrs down, I snug by hand but leave the spigot at a slight angle and that final slight twist of the spigot to nearly vertical does the job. Got to make sure you get the flat side of the nut facing the washer, the raised side will leak every time.
  3. Cato

    What should I do with this beer?

    Lol, I voted! Although I've never split a batch or moved to a secondary, 10 gallons is a lot of beer to me, since I only do about 4 gallons and change a month. I like the variety, so yeah I'm all in on splitting and adding some fruit.
  4. Cato


    Then, are they used fresh or do you dry them out? Lol, I obviously know nothing but compressed pellets, but all those fresh hops is exciting! Very cool that they've done so well!
  5. Cato


    Impressive! When do you harvest?
  6. Cato

    Calidelic Mandarin IPA ?

    Round two with refinements? My Tangerously Hoppy has been one of my better brews. I used a combo of mandarin and tangerines. Last time I put in a supply order I got a bottle of tangerine peels to try another.
  7. Cato

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Lol, Cato is back from a great vacation! Had some very good home brews that my brother in law brought. He uses Northern Brewer kits and they were quite tasty. The Fams favs of mine were the Tangerously Hoppy, Witch's Flight, @Creeps McLanesaison, and yes finally a vote for my Wee Heavy Winston! Glad to be back home,lol, need to diet now for sure.
  8. Cato

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Nice! I was excited to try mine, and wanted to before I left for vacation. I don't like leaving the trub bottles in the conditioning containers for more than a few weeks since they seem to carbonate very quickly. So, how was it? A lot of mine usually still taste green, but some surprise me at how good they are at that stage.
  9. Cato

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Thanks! I'm well pleased with this one.
  10. Cato

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Happiness is- Wee Heavy Winston This turned out very well. I've never had a Scotch Ale nor a Northern English Ale and this was a bit of both styles combined with an added kick to cross into the wee heavy territory. I feel like its probably a very tasty, balanced stout. Not near as rich and complex as the Calavera Stout. This was the sample trub bottle 15 days after bottling . If it doesn't improve with conditioning, I'd be well pleased with this brew as it stands today. I got lucky with this recipe, I know that, but it's still nice to have a success.
  11. Welcome! Yes, 66 should work. I brew my ales around 64 in a dorm style fridge.
  12. Cato


    Hardware stores, home depot, Lowe's all sell them. If you get one remember to put it away from your garden a bit. Don't want to draw more to your plants.
  13. Cato


    Yeah, they hit our roses and other flowers and were wreaking havoc. The beetle trap nabbed a ton of em, but I finally got a bottle of Liquid Sevin and had to spray. Here in VB, they're about done. Guess they have a fairly short life cycle. Lol, when I put out the beetle trap, I got the bait scent on my hands and had to go inside and wash it off, cause they were flocking to me so heavy it was ridiculous. On my shirt, in my hair, not good!
  14. Welcome to the forum! 70-72 should work fine for carbonation. I bottle mostly in glass, but often will use a PET plastic bottle to check carbonation progress. A bottling wand, if you don't have one, is a great little tool for filling the bottles. Ask away if you have questions! We've all been where you are in the process. I didn't find the forum right away, so my first two batches suffered from too high fermentation temps. I hope yours will do far better, but if you do run into some issues, keep at it and don't give up! There's a learning curve to this hobby, but it's very rewarding and fun!
  15. Hope it works out for you! The only saison I've made, I bottle primed with 1/4 tsp sugar and that worked out well but took nearly 4 wks to carbonate.