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  1. Hydrometer is a great tool. Make sure to log your readings and observations for each brew as it's a great help when you brew a recipe again.
  2. Cato

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Lol, thanks my friend. Actually the recipe looks pretty doable and since it's a saisons, it could be fun to try. Lol, first I'll need to produce some great smoked figs.
  3. Cato

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Lol, I think Jester uses wild yeast if I remember correctly but I've got time on my hands to do some research and make my best interpretation.
  4. Cato

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Thoughts turning to how I want to rebuild my mostly depleted pipeline. I'll need some good staple brews to form the backbone to start off with before I can start working in new styles. Sooo, it'll be spring and to get things rolling I'll start off with an Irish Red recipe in an LBK, and a Altbier recipe in my ss mini brew bucket. These I can do pretty much back to back, allowing just a few days separation since they'll both fit in the mini fridge at the same time. Using the same combo of fermenters I'll do a citrus zest Witbier in an LBK, and either a variation of @Creeps McLane's Little Trees PA or if figs are in season yet, try to flesh out that Jester King beer that uses smoked figs. Lol, that would be very experimental for me, but I've got a nice digital electric smoker that can do cold smoke temps, and I like figs so there you go. Plus I figure once I get my wood and fig recipe down, I can vacuum seal those puppies and pack some off to Wisconsin and see what Creeps can come up with. Yep looking forward to spring 2019.
  5. Cato

    How Old is Too Old??

    Lol, my mother's old saying, "when in doubt throw it out". I'm thinking fresh ingredients are time put to better use, but each to his own. Lol, quite possibly because I used up some older hops and grains at the end of the year and they fell in the "meh" category.
  6. Cato

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I can't risk it while on the strong stuff. Sigh, will stay the course until they step down my meds.
  7. Cato

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Nice, good luck and hope you win!
  8. Cato

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    That's way cool!
  9. Cato

    Brewing with Coconut

    From a homebrewers page that I Googled. The poster was adding this to his leg. Maybe add it at bottling. I do what denny describes. There are 48 teaspoons in a cup and 52 12oz beers in 5 gallons. So I dose 1tsp in 12oz of beer. Adjust up or down, then extrapolate (if you like 1/2 tsp in 12oz, then use 1/2 cup in 5gal). You can adjust the math to dose smaller portions.
  10. Cato

    Star San

    I've always used the MB packets for sanitizing my bottles and the starsan for my fermenters and other equipment. Little to no foam in the bottles.
  11. I'd been considering coming this year to meet some of my forum friends but will the knee replacement, it's too iffy.
  12. Cato

    Extra time

    Lol, whatever works. I go with the tad stronger as it seems to keep better without clouding up between my brew days.
  13. Cato

    Extra time

    I use 1.5 tsp per gallon. I'll store a gallon out in the garage in an empty gal spring water jug. I'll normally brew twice in a month so that's as long as I'll store it. Since I usually get 6 jugs of spring water I change out the storage jugs since it is an acid based mix. Mainly use it in my spray bottle and sanitizing my ss fermenters. I use the MB sanitizer packets for my LBK and glass bottles.
  14. Cato

    Electric, Induction, Infra-Red ?

    That would work! Remember your boil will produce a bit of steam/moisture down there so you'll want to think about venting or moving the air around. I'm in my 400sq ft garage with 10ft ceiling. I can crack my garage door open and I have a ceiling mounted 3 speed air cleaner for my wood working that moves the air around for me.
  15. Cato

    Electric, Induction, Infra-Red ?

    Mine is a 3500w and is plugged into 240v 20 amp circuit. My brew kettles are induction capable. It takes about 20 min to hit strike temp on 4 gal with cold water and then about 15-16 min from there to very vigorous boil. I usually have to turn it down a little once it hits boil. It's great for up to 5 gal batches but beyond that I'd probably look at a 5500 w element in a kettle. I looked hard at that route before buying the induction burner, but for under $200, it was a much less expensive way to brew. I use an immersion chiller for my wort when the weather permits. If it's too cold to use the outside faucets then I pump the wort straight into the fermenter in the mini fridge and chill it down to pitch temp. If it's a 2.5 gal batch I can pitch before bedtime, but if it's a 4 gal batch or more I'll pitch the next morning.