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  1. Cato

    Dry hopping/cold crashing

    That's okay Mic, you might discover something doing that! However, I shouldn't encourage you too much as the mad scientist guys diskapear fairly quickly and I really want to see if @RickBeer is going to A. Send you a long range shock collar for Xmas B. Make a Mic Todd doll that he can hang from the rafters of his brew cave and thwack with the dough in paddle every time you mention adding sugar adjuncts to your recipes. Just kidding in fun here after a few brews on a rainy evening.
  2. Cato

    Dry hopping/cold crashing

    I usually dry hop the last 5 days before cold crashing.
  3. Cato

    Maple Syrup as Adjunct?

    Yum, now that would pair well with any number of brews!
  4. Cato

    Grain Mill Problems 😞

    Going with a double crush today! BIAB
  5. Cato

    What does extra yeast do?

    I have a store about 20 miles away but their prices are absurd. I get better prices online and shipped to my door.
  6. Cato

    Grain Mill Problems 😞

    Dawg, I sure hope so! Crush I was getting from suppliers was leaving a lot of grains uncrushed.
  7. Cato

    What does extra yeast do?

    I've never had a problem with dry yeast, but recently did with a liquid yeast that arrived from shipment warm and after no activity in the air lock for 3 days, I did pitch dry yeast and it kicked right off. Learned a lesson there and paid for extra ice pack and insulated envelope for my Altbier I'm brewing tomorrow. I feel more at home using dry yeast and to me less chance of a problem.
  8. Cato

    Grain Mill Problems 😞

    @Creeps McLane, zipped thru 9.5 lbs. of grain in just a couple of minutes today. Much better crush for my BIAB!
  9. Cato


    Are you seeking a higher efficiency or is it to see if you detect a slight change or improvement in taste? It will be interesting to see what the results will be. I've been seeking a bit better grain conversion with my BIAB because my crush from suppliers leaves a lot of grain intact. I've had a few wild swings in conversion, so I got the grain mill and will see what I get on a single crush and a double crush. Extra work for sure but I already feel better about having control over that aspect.
  10. Cato

    What does extra yeast do?

    I think the MB yeast is 5 or 5.5 grams designed for their 2 gal kits where the other yeasts like Safale etc. are for 5gal and 11g
  11. Cato

    Safale US-05 vs Safale S-33

    If it was me I'd use the US-05. I've only used the MB yeast once or twice but wasn't as happy with it as the US-05 and others. S-33 I've never used. Good idea to keep a small selection of yeasts on hand in a ziplock in the fridge. I always keep some back ups like US-05, 04, and Nottingham. Those will generally suffice for the majority of my brews.
  12. Cato

    American Ale problem

    Lol, I'm in the other camp. I want to know what's going on, particularly that first week! I always perv mine with a flashlight during krausen if its in an LBK to make sure fermentation has started. After I'm satisfied that its kicked off and a day or two later it hasn't overflowed then I don't until its time to cold crash or dry hop as long as the inkbird readings are okay. My other fermenters are ss, so nothing to be seen but the tube bubbling in the blow off jar. I perv those as well during krausen for the same reason to make sure fermentation has kicked off and also no overflows from the jar. I perv my inkbird every couple of days. A good deal of that is ingrained from over 25 years in production management where you can't assume everything is fine without verifying by putting your own eyeballs on it.
  13. Cato


    That residual alkalinity might be the signature award winning ingredient for Stauhaus Biers!
  14. Cato


    Lol, they have fancy and expensive spring water at the store with the ph printed on the label. My spring water is down two shelves and costs 75% less. My mash seems happy enough.
  15. Cato

    Grain Mill Problems 😞

    LOL, I had issues of my own today. Learning curve that its better to have the roller spinning prior to pouring grain in. Drill just torqued the HD bucket and the mill onto the table and about 8 oz of dark wheat grain on the garage floor. Of course it went everywhere so it was time to reboot and clean up. Ground down the flat spot on the shaft as it had some rough edges to it that made the drill wobble a bit. The factory setting seemed to be fine for the wheat kernels which were smaller and harder than the pilsener that I tried after that. It definitely crushed the grain finer than my suppliers crush. I didn't run but about half a pound of each through it but it works and it was smoother for me to put a couple large clamps on to stabilize against torque, and I kept a steady feed of grain but not too much at once for now. I'll check to see how fine it comes out running those grains back through again.