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  1. It’s the bucket style. If I choose to go that root I’ll update on how it works out and share my experiences.
  2. Lol. It’s all good. I do have a cooler setup but the other fermenter is way to big and was wondering if anyone had any success. Also it gets very humid in my place... I need 2 acs just to cool the living room in the summer time so I’m looking to make life a little easier for the brew.
  3. The reason I was thinking of a beverage cooler was because I also have a 2 gallon priemum kit that stands upright nd won’t fit in a cooler.
  4. Perfect. I used US-05 yeast in Coleman Belted Stainless cooler with frozen water bottles and have been able to maintain it 64.
  5. What are you thoughts on a beverage cooler that gives you the ability to control the temps easier?
  6. After doing some research I ordered a cooler to ferment in as well. For a second I thought something was wrong with my lbk.
  7. Thats hilarious but eases my concern. I got worried for a second the something was wrong with my lbk.
  8. Question... I’m 2 days in and I was wondering.. are you supposed to be able to smell it while it’s fermenting?
  9. Question. I am starting a second brew this weekend. I ordered hops to add but it says to add it in using a satchett. I don’t have one and I can’t find one on this sight or amazon. What alternatives do you guys suggest? Or can I just add it without the satchett?
  10. I don’t give up easy. That would be a waste of money and a lot of beer I would never get to drink!
  11. That is interesting. I would rather use the proper instructions. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. So I am definitely considering this the start of my first attempt and doing as advised as step 1. Thank you guys!!
  13. What would that accomplish?
  14. As a newbie I want to get it right. So i was wondering if anyone have any advise about temperature control. What about just putting it in a fridge? I know it's a dumb question but why not? Thank You in advanced!!
  15. Thank You! I would not have thought of that. i definitely want to do this properly and have that wow factor.