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  1. robo1

    Black Beer'd porter

    I'm bottling Black Beer'd on Thursday. I've heard good things, so fingers crossed!
  2. robo1

    The Best Haze of Our Lives

    I have Bindlestick brewing at the moment, for the record. However, as for the Pineapple brew, I want to aim for something similar to the pineapple version of Clipboard by Hoof Hearted Brewing.
  3. robo1

    The Best Haze of Our Lives

    I have not. I've had a few recipes in front of it. I'm ordering the supplies today.
  4. robo1

    The Best Haze of Our Lives

    Really wanting a juicy NEIPA. Thinking of adding some pineapple to the Haze of our Lives recipe. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  5. Hahaha. Ok cool. This is my first Wheat beer and compared to the amount of sediment in my other brews I’ve made, this is A LOT. I really appreciate this forum and all you guys helping a noob like me!
  6. Sorry I’m home now. Here is a picture of the bottle in front of a light. Makes it super easy to see what I’m talking about.
  7. Ok, so this was my first wheat beer (brewed with deluxe Weissbeer refill), and I added tangerine zest/tincture to the fermenter one week before bottling. Once fermented, it looked and tasted great. The bottles have been carb/conditioning for about 3.5 weeks. I pulled a bottle out to see what they looked like last night, and the bottles have a crazy amount of sediment on the bottom and the beer is clearish (doesn't look like a wheat beer). It's like the beer cold-crashed itself, even though it has been at a steady 69 degrees for carbing/conditioning. So, is this normal? should I swirl the bottles before pouring (which would make the beer look like a traditional wheat), or allow the sediment to rest (keeping the beer clear). I do know that some of this is the tangerine zest, but this amount of sediment is much more than that. Help?
  8. I really appreciate everyone's input. Monday is zesting day for my wheat brew, so wish me luck!
  9. Not to sound totally stupid (I’m the OP noob), but when do you add the juice? At the same time as the vodka/zest?
  10. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for your input. These forums are really helping a noob get better at this.
  11. Awesome! Due to the way the beer looks now, I am totally going to cold crash, I just wasn't sure about that mess on top, but I've been watching some videos and am starting to think it's perfectly normal. Actually, it's quite a bit less than I've seen in some of the videos. Thanks!
  12. Hi guys. I've posted a few questions already, but I'm a total noob. I'm about to bottle my first batch (Diablo IPA). It has been fermenting for 15 days. The beer still looks cloudy, and there is a lot of yeast like bubbles/sediment floating on top of the beer. Is this normal? I'm questioning weather I should bottle or let it set another few days. I did taste it, and it wasn't sweet, it tasted like flat beer. But, the stuff on top makes me think it still might be active? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. Awesome. This is exactly the type of thing I was looking for. Thank you!