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  1. At my local store the only bottled water they have is distilled, purified. And drinking water. Planned on getting spring water. I bought the one saying drinking water. Will that be ok?
  2. DME

    I do have a big mouth bubbler and fermenting buckets. I can just try it in those and do the 5 gallons.
  3. DME

    Can i put 2.5 gallons in a LBK? Thanks.
  4. DME

    I am thinking of doing this. Get a can of Coopers HME. Any flavor. Add 3 pounds of DME to it. One can makes 5 or 6 gallons. Make it into a 4 gallon batch and split in into 2 LBK's. Will that work?
  5. Thanks. I bought a coconut porter before and liked it so tinkering with the idea.
  6. Hi. I do not drink my tap water at all. So will get bottled spring water. Thanks.
  7. Hi all. I was getting ready to brew my first 2 batches today. Was watching some videos online about it. One video it said not to use distilled water. I have 5 gallons of it. I learned not to use it. There was nothing in the instructions saying not to use it. So am glad i found out. So now i have to wait until i get bottled spring water or drinking water. I figured since i bought bottled water it was better than tap. Lesson learned.
  8. Thats awesome! I want to do the same thing. Have different flavors going on at the same time etc. I just have to invest in more bottles and LBK's. Thanks for the reply.
  9. For sure. I want to brew a batch and bottle a batch every weekend. Ordering more LBK's and bottles.
  10. Even though i am new here i read where somebody did a light ale/pilsner and added cherry and vanilla.
  11. I ordered 2 of the Black Beer'd Porter kits. Looking forward to making these on saturday. One i will make per instructions. The other i want to add a couple things. Want to add toasted coconut and cocoa nibs. Does this sound right? Let ferment for one week then place these two items in a muslin sack and add to LBK for 2 weeks? Thanks everybody.
  12. Thank you. Look forward to learning more.
  13. Thanks. That sounds good. I was thinking of adding to it but have to learn more first.
  14. Please let me know how your porter turns out. Thanks.
  15. Thanks. I have been reading alot.