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  1. I'm on it!! QTip in hand down to the basement!
  2. @D Kristof Thanks for the advice. What is the best way to clean the spigot without disturbing the LBK contents?
  3. Thanks Shrike for the welcome! And thank you RickBeer for the additional tips! With the additional heat we've had recently as we get into july, my basement has been hovering around 70, especially toward the front wall of the house. It's a large basement with sections, so I can place the bottles appropriately given the weather when I do the bottling.
  4. Hi all! Just joined the community after starting my first brew process, and have been reading up on all of the very helpful guides and tips you are providing. Very happy to have found the forums! I kicked off my Oktoberfest brew two weeks ago. Followed all of the instructions, and have been storing the LBK in my cool, dark basement. Poured a small sample from the spigot yesterday and got what you see in the two pics. As you all suggested, it does taste like flat beer, I don't detect any vinegar-y hints in the flavor at all. There was a small bit of sediment, which I'm assuming is the trub. So here is my plan, and I want to make sure I'm on the right track. In a few days, I plan on cold crashing the brew in my fridge for three days, tilted upward at the spigot so everything settles toward the back of the LBK. This weekend, I will sanitize the bottles, put in the carbonation drops, and fill according to the instructions. Then back to the basement they go for three more weeks before chilling and drinking. Is there anything I am missing? Anything else I need to be aware of that I might not yet have seen in a previous post? Thank you! Joe G