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  1. TBONE 69

    14 Days Into Fermentation

    Jdub....I did get a LBK and started another batch on Sunday....LOL
  2. I am 14 days into my first batch of Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner. So far all has gone well..Will definitely go 21 days. Today I tasted it just to see how things were going, It tasted watery and not much flavor. Will another week add more flavor or will it come with conditioning?
  3. TBONE 69

    Stick on Thermometer

    Awesome.... Thanks for clarification
  4. TBONE 69

    Stick on Thermometer

    I have 2 colors showing all the time...the blue one and the top brown one.
  5. TBONE 69

    Stick on Thermometer

    The one with 3 colors.....which color should i be looking at?
  6. TBONE 69

    Stick on Thermometer

    How do I read the stick on Thermometer... Can't find any info.