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  1. Mic-S

    Boosting abv without MRB booster?

    LOL Mic promises not to hold Stretch liable for any explosions, implosions, extrusions or contusions which arise from this advice. Er...I mean Lucy.
  2. Mic-S

    Boosting abv without MRB booster?

    UPS and Fed-Ex, though sometimes the UPS driver won't drive up the mountain (his truck is a lot bigger) and hands things off to friends and neighbors in town. I was going to finish up this last can of extract, buy 2 more to brew a couple of 'bud-beer like' batches, then take a break for awhile. I've batched 18 kegs in just under 7 months. I finally have my pipeline near full with three full 'archive' boxes of 12 bottles each, 3 each from 12 different batches, the best of the best. When I fill archive box #4 it's time to sit back and start taste-testing one beer at a time and enjoy a different beer each night, rating each one individually. Can't wait -
  3. Mic-S

    Boosting abv without MRB booster?

    Yes, that's my worry so I've got to counter that. Maybe a bit (½ pound) of pilsner DME AND a cup of cane sugar to the CAL recipe? They both liked my 'Wild Coyote' which I made with half a can of Munton's Lager, some amber DME, two booster packs and some agave nectar, but it was still a bit too malty and too strong at 7.0% abv. They would have liked it better they said if it were less malty, less taste of alcohol. The wife thought it one of my best batches yet.
  4. Mic-S

    Boosting abv without MRB booster?

    Because I don't have any. LOL That was a great answer to my question Shrike, and is what I have been seeing (tasting) in several of my brews when I added DMEs. What I want to do is make my son-in-laws a good batch of beer like their favorites (Bud and/or Miller) but kick the abvs up just a bit, > than 3.7-ish. I'm out of boosters (finally!) and do not want to change the flavor of the CAL recipe, just boost it some. Was thinking of adding a cup of cane sugar or two. 5 abv would be a good point.
  5. Mic-S

    Boosting abv without MRB booster?

    Thanks Bonsai, but have you used anything other than what you can only get from mrb (or thru the mail)?
  6. All this talk of 'whirlpooling' got my curiosity up so I did google it just to see what you dudes were talking about. Very interesting. But then, there's this: "Whirlpool trivia: Some tea drinkers who use loose tea and no tea ball separate the tea leaves by stirring their tea after the leaves sink to the bottom of the cup to cause the leaves to migrate to the center of the cup. Albert Einstein thought this phenomenon was pretty nifty. He developed a general explanation, called the Teacup Effect, of why pressure changes cause solids to migrate to the center instead of to the perimeter, where it seems like they should migrate. Molson Breweries in Canada is credited with first using the whirlpool in commercial brewing." - Courtesy of Brew Your Own Homebrew magazine. Next cup of tea I brew, I'm trying this out to see if Einstein knew what he was talking about!!
  7. What do you guys think is the best way to boost abv in, say, a pilsner or IPA without resorting to the mrb booster packs?
  8. 1st I've heard of it (whirlpooling). Just wanted to say that (so far) my best luck (taste-wise and ease of method) has been to dry hop using a 'hop tea' added either to the keg 5 days before the crash or (even better) straight into the bottle at charging time. So far, ALL the batches I've done this on have turned out well. The two times I hopped the wort in a wort sack, well...let's just say it was less than satisfactory. I know this doesn't exactly answer your specific question, but what I've learned is: do what you think works best, easiest and/or tastiest. It's your beer. 😘
  9. Upcoming schedules are forcing me to decide: a) do I let the wort ferment the full 21 days and crash for 2 days, or b) do I ferment for 20 days and crash for 3? I need to bottle on Wednesday of next week or miss bottling for another week. Don't want to wait so I'm asking which you guys think is more important. One factor might be the yeast: Safale S-04. It's supposed to be a fast-fermenting yeast with high flocculation rates. I'm thinking go 20 days and crash for 3. Any thoughts?
  10. After cold crashing 14 times (I've batched 16 kegs and still have two working) I can tell you that you may not see a perfectly clear beer after 3 days (or longer?). But, that's ok, the beer will still taste good if you did the other things right and you can take comfort in knowing that "hazy beers" are now all the current rage in the craft beer industry. Seems customers are not only content with the haze, but expect it over the crystal clear domestic mass-produced beers. Also, there will still be a little more 'cleanup' going on when the beer has been bottled and set aside to carbonate and/or condition. Be cheerful. Brew On! 😎
  11. Mic-S

    Advice for Brewing "That Voodoo....."

    Hearing from others about the taste effects of brown sugar, esp the dark, and some research on the net led me to try subbing one cup of agave nectar for the bs. My batch turned out good, not one of my best, but good. I think I might try this again, with the brown sugar, just to see what the difference might be. Good luck and do let us know how yours turns out. P.S. Don't worry about where you posted your question, as long as it gets seen by others. There's a lot of experienced brewers lurking around the forum (not me, I'm new like you) and you can learn a lot by following the threads and asking questions. Brew On!
  12. Mic-S

    Advice for Brewing "That Voodoo....."

    I made this beer back in December (27th) and instead of the brown sugar I subbed one cup of agave nectar. I don't know how to tell you how it was different from the recipe because I have only made this one batch - but it was good. lol That's about the limit of my descriptions...good/bad...dark/light...sweet/bitter....hoppy/not... but I think the agave was a better choice than what the brown sugar might have been. Low abv, tho. Just under 6.0%. Drinking the last of it (except for my 3 archived bottles) now.
  13. Mic-S

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Coastal Mts of Western Oregon. Our snow, when we get it, is full of water - blue snow they call it. Very, very heavy. It took down power lines in three surrounding counties and where we live is just about at the very tip end of the power grid. Only two houses past ours for the next 40+ miles with power. This beats a record long standing. Day 16 and counting....
  14. Mic-S

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Tomorrow it will be 14 days without power - most of the snow is gone, but not all. I'm supposed to crash my next batch tomorrow - thankfully it's still in the mid to low 30's outside so I'll just set the lbk in the snow patch, cover it with a towel and let it crash. Bottling is easily done with melted snow water and takes no power so I don't even need to run the generator. On Wednesday it's back to the camp stove as I attempt my clone of Santiam Brewing's Pirate Stout. I have all the necessary ingredients save the English Admiral hops and those I may need to substitute with the 'mystery' hops already on hand. The brewing goes on (as does the delightful consumption of some of the earlier efforts!). 😋
  15. Mic-S

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Day 9 of the Power Outage. Time to brew the next batch. No problem: Extract on the wood stove to warm before adding to kettle. Water for wort brought to boil on the gas camp stove outside, along with 1 cup of agave and 1 pack MRB booster; brought to boil, shutdown, (Long Play) extract added to the wort, into the LBK on top of 1 gallon of snow-cooled water. Vigorously stirred w/more snow-cooled water added to +2 gallon mark. Std MRB yeast pitched, placed into kegging room - 66F. I'm calling this batch 'Sno-Play IPA'. 16.3 initial brix. 35F outside with 8” snow, No sign of power restoration anytime soon...no problem. Life goes on.