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  1. cconstantine307

    Temperature Controller

    Wanting to turn my old dorm mini-fridge into a fermenting fridge. Interested in buy the InkBird Controller off the website but am wondering if it would work with a small dorm fridge? I've been fermenting brews in a closet, but my newest recipe is calling for a bit warmer of temps than I'm willing to keep my apartment over the winter months. Any help is appreciated, thanks! And yes, I know I could just brew a different beer but my heart wants what my heart wants lol!
  2. cconstantine307

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    I like the sound of the Juice one more for what I'm brewing, but I was wondering more on the amount of yeast to use. The package is 5 fl oz and says it is enough for a 5 gallon batch. Should I pitch the whole package (original Mr. Beer recipe says use whole package) or just half since the LBK is 2 gallons? Thank again for the help!
  3. cconstantine307

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    Great! Thanks for the help! One other quick question related to this same recipe. The original Mr. Beer recipe came with Imperial Barbarian Yeast. My local home brew store has the Imperial Juicy Yeast that I'm thinking of using. Any experience with this type of yeast (5 fl oz) in a Mr. Beer recipe?
  4. cconstantine307

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    Longtime follower of the forums, first time poster... Anyways, I'm brewing a copycat (it's out of stock) American Resolution Hazy IPA and have a few questions. I want to brew this with Galaxy and Citra (and maybe Cashmere) and would like to add them as a dry-hop addition. I'm not exactly sure which days I should add the hops to the LBK and in what combination/order? Any help is appreciated.