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  1. JRCasualBrewer

    Bottle didn’t carbonate

    Mic Todd i don’t recall getting distracted but I can’t guarantee I didn’t. I know I was struggling with the wet spoon (from sanitizing). Fingers crossed.
  2. JRCasualBrewer

    Bottle didn’t carbonate

    Thanks I will give it a try!
  3. JRCasualBrewer

    Bottle didn’t carbonate

    Thanks. The bottles are in a box in a pretty warm part of the house (68-72 daily) the other bottles have firmed up, but this one did not. I wasn’t sure if I could open it to add more drops or if that would risk contamination
  4. JRCasualBrewer

    Bottle didn’t carbonate

    I recently bottled a batch of porter from my LBK. I had run out of carbonation drops so I used sugar as directed. The bottles have been sitting for about two and a half weeks. I checked them last night and one of them was not firm at all. I could easily squeeze the bottle. From what I read, that means it’s not carbonating. Can I do anything to save my bottle?
  5. JRCasualBrewer

    What does extra yeast do?

    I have seen a few posts saying to use two packets of yeast. What does the extra yeast do to the end product?
  6. JRCasualBrewer

    Mold on LBK rim

    Pretty sure it was mold. I had to scrub to get it off the threads
  7. JRCasualBrewer

    Mold on LBK rim

    Hi, I bottled my third batch today, a porter with LME. It tasted ok and smelled ok, but while cleaning the LBK I found a small amount of mold on the threads of the LBK lid and the unit itself. It was very small, about the size of a sharpened pencil, and it didn’t appear to be on the inside. Do you think my beer will be okay?