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  1. Don H

    Propping Up Your LBK - No Trubal

    Sounds like you and I are exactly the same in our thinking. I want this to be fun. The LBK is just the right size for trying different types of beer. I'm still brand new at this too. I'm still waiting for my very first batch to firment. (Five more days! Yay!) If it were to turn out bad, I'm not losing a 55 gallon drum or anything. I still have way too much to learn before trying bigger amounts.
  2. You mean sugar? I don't want soda pop fizz either.
  3. Oh wow! This is interesting! The Mr Beer drops overcarb? The directions call for 2 drops in the 740 ml PET bottles. Would anyone recommend 1? Or could you cut 1 in half and use 1 1/2 in each bottle? I'm guessing that the drops aren't sugar?
  4. Don H

    Newbie Question

    Wow kedogn! I don't know if I'd ever get that far! Well, maybe. Lol. That's awesome though!
  5. Don H

    Newbie Question

    This will quite likely become a new obsession. Lol. Especially if this first batch turns out pretty good. I didn't have a whole lot of expectations, but then, what the heck? If I did everything right (I followed the instructions to the letter), there is a good chance this could be the best beer I've ever had! Why not? I'm a pretty patient guy so the 3 - 4 weeks won't be much of a problem. Especially if means the difference between success or failure. My problem is more likely going to be trying to do too much too quickly and wanting to do things I'm just not ready to do yet. Baby steps.
  6. Don H

    Newbie Question

    I followed the instructions to the letter. Was extremely careful about sterilization. Fingers and eyes crossed!
  7. Don H

    Newbie Question

    Thanks Squirley! Just checking. I believe I have the keg in a good spot in the basement for temperature. Around 65 - 68 degrees. I'm so new to this, I have no idea what to expect. Patience for education as well as brewing it seems.
  8. Don H

    Newbie Question

    Hope this isn't too dumb of a question, but I mixed a batch of American Light on Wednesday. Today on Saturday (3 days) I noticed that the keg has stopped foaming. The beer is still very cloudy and I realize that it still has nearly 3 weeks to go. The question is, is this normal? Should it have stopped foaming after only 3 days? Just wondering if something is wrong.
  9. First attempt at making beer. I've always wanted to try this. My son gave me a Mr Beer kit for Christmas. I'll be trying it in a day or two.

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    2. Don H

      Don H

      The Rethink Homebrew. It came with American Light and American Lager. I have mixed up the American Light and it is working now. I started with this because I'm not really a fan of light beer, so if I did anything wrong, I don't feel so bad. Lol. I followed the instructions to the letter being extremely careful about cleanliness and sterilization.. I realize that it takes very little to ruin the batch. Thanks for the welcome! Look forward to meeting a lot of cool folks and learning all I can from those with experience!

    3. Nickfixit


      Great! Make sure you leave it in the LBK for 3 weeks and let it bottle carbonate for 4 weeks (minimum) and settle in the fridge for 3 days before drinking.

    4. Don H

      Don H

      Absolutely! However, waiting is the worst! Lol.