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Found 2 results

  1. Just finished amping-up the Mr. Beer Abbey Dubbel recipe with Belgian specialty grains and some candi sugar: Bewitched Amber Ale craft HME BrewMax Smooth LME Belgian Dark Candi sugar, 0.5 lb. Abbey malt, 4 oz. Munich Type I, 3 oz. CaraBelge, 3 oz. Special B!, 3 oz. Crystal hops, 0.5 oz, 5-min. boil Safbrew Abbaye yeast OG: A little light @ 1.070 Recipe notes: When brewing beer at 0400 on a Sunday morning, I strongly recommend milling your grains the night before. I will remember to do that next time.
  2. I just took my ale out of the closet after 20 days to check to make sure it is ready for bottling tomorrow. I had to have a taste. I poured a small nit into a little clear glass and it is very very cloudy. It taste very very good tho, just like a flat ale. The smell is very nice also. I shined a flashlight thru the bucket and could barely see the light thru the beer. I am using the 2 gallon craft beer kit from coopers. Its the translucent fermenter. Is this normal? How do I clear it up if not normal and how do I avoid it from happening in the future.