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Found 4 results

  1. I've had my first batch in the bottles at room temp which fluctuates between 72 to 64 for 8 days. At what point is it safe to assume the risk of bottle bombs has passed?
  2. I am going to bottle my first batch of Mr Beer tomorrow. I have the 750 o2 Pet Bottles. The recipe was Horses Ass First Question what is the difference between the regular pet bottles and the O2 barrier bottles? Becuase I am thinking about buying more so I can run another Batch. Second Question I saw someone on youtube Bottle his beer and he squeezed the bottle to remove the air is this correct way with the pet bottles? Third Question in a 750 ML Pet O2 bottle it says 2 conditioning tablets per bottle to carbonate. I have honey as my sugar in my batch, Is it ok to add a drop with the conditioning tablets to add flavor ? and do you condition every recipe at 68-76 degrees? Thanks for any help Norman Sands
  3. So I just finished my first batch of American light, and bottled it in the 740ml plastic amber bottles it came with(put 2carbo drops in each bottle). Now I need more bottles, I am going to Amazon and notice I have 2 options... Amber or Clear? Does this make a difference? Right now I have my conditioning beer bottles in a dark cabinet at room temperature. So does this affect the beer in any way? Thank you
  4. I'm a few days, ok 6, away from bottling my first batch. After reading a lot about how the beer will improve over time would really like to try the beer as it conditions and improves over the first 2 to 8 weeks. My first thought was to use one of the plastic bottles and just open it every week or 2 and take a taste. But after reading my thought is that won't work real feel. Then I remembered I had a few corona 7oz pony bottles. So I'm thinking of using these as my samples but I have 2 concerns. First how many drops or how much sugar should I use to prime these small bottles? Second they are clear bottles, if I let them condition in a dark location will this be OK? One final thing does the size of the bottle have any impact on how long to condition, or how long the beer will keep?