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Found 8 results

  1. Eric's Latest Mistake


    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    My final of the Star Wars trio. First bottle is still a bit raw but crisp. I'll just need to bide my time, because I think it is going to turn out quite well.
  2. Eric's Latest Mistake

    Farmhouse Beer

    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    Basically the Saison du Miele recipe with Robust LME and Saaz hops. A little bigger than the original but still with that Belgian taste. Very enjoyable.
  3. Eric's Latest Mistake

    Mad Ludwig's Märzen

    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    First bottle of my Oktoberfest beer. Still a bit cloudy, though I always open my last bottle (bottom of the LBK) first. Good malty flavor.
  4. Eric's Latest Mistake


    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    The Shade Tree Kolsch was ready just in time to enjoy before the weather cooled.
  5. Eric's Latest Mistake

    Belgian Blanc Witbier

    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    I wrestled when I bottled this, as I had the orange peel and coriander loose in the keg. It kept clogging the nozzle but the first bottles of it have really been nice. I will definitely brew this again, though maybe with a hopsack.
  6. Eric's Latest Mistake

    Belgian IPA

    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    My first bottle of the Chewbeerca recipe. Brewed 5/15, bottled 6/5. Tasty, but really looking forward to another month of maturing.
  7. Eric's Latest Mistake

    Dunkel Lager

    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

  8. Eric's Latest Mistake

    Millenium Falconer's Flight Red

    From the album: Erics Latest Mistake

    Turned out nicely, with a head that can stand above the glass, like a soufflé.