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Found 1 result

  1. Well, after about a dozen Mr Beer recipes, I'm starting to get disheartened. I've made all sorts of recipes that are different flavoured using all sorts of different hops, yeast, water and adjuncts. Every batch I've made, they all have a very similar taste. Some more bitter than others, but similar. My sanitation is good. I ferment for the recommended duration. I pitch my yeast at about 65-68F. I ferment at between 62-68F.... and every batch I've made has the same 'twangy' flavour as the batch before, regardless of which hop or yeast I use..... Don't get me wrong, they have tasted quite good, but virtually the same.... fruity/metallic, I don't quite know how to quantify it. Now don't go and tell me I've fermented too warm, because I have THREE ways of monitoring temps. Stick on aquarium type, remote weather station type, and infra red gun style. I now believe 'the twang is real', partial mashes or not. I think I'll do an all grain BIAB next to compare the taste... I also recently got a mini fridge, maybe I'll try a pilsner/lager. Thoughts???