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This past weekend I took one of these website's advice and brewed a batch for my MB fermenter from a 5 gallon extract batch purchased from a brew store.

I did not measure out the quantities added, but rather eye-balled it . . . trying to take only half of the fermentable ingredients from the 5 gallon kit.

I hope it turns out ok. All that I can say at this point is that I had a a vicious fermentation the first night. The keg spewed a bit over night. Thankfully, the fermenter was in a cooler for temperature control.

Do y'all think that my batch will be o.k. after eye-balling the amounts?

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I had my first taste tonight of a 5 gallon honey porter batch that I brewed in 2 Mr. Beer Kegs. I thought it turned out great, but still needs a little more conditioning time. If you have multipe fermenters don't be afraid to split a 5 gallon batch over the two kegs. You can even experiment between the two kegs.

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