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And the winners are.....

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Mashani, do you have any of those 1 Litre PET bottles left that you don't need and could use a good home?

I actually only need 4 of them but if you want to part with a full box of 8 that's OK too.

If you're still overloaded with PET's let me know and we can arrange to get some shipped my way.

smw14620@everestkc dot net

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Bumping this thread since I posted pics related to this contest that I unearthed earlier.  Then I notice the same pics are already in the thread.  D'oh!  Regardless, that was some wacky times brewing all of those ingredients.  And it was a fun exercise to do that kind of combination logic puzzle.  Still appreciate Mr. B folks for doing that contest.  Was way over the top generous, especially when they broke the tie by giving both of us the full prize.



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