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new attempt

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I tried that Grand Bohemian last month, and liked it. I also noted that there were NO variations listed for it in the book. So, this month, I've dumped in the two Grand Bohemian's and two cans of pale ale ume. I've put all that in a carboy and brought the level up to 4 gallons. So, in about 10 days or so, I should be able to bottle the lot. We'll see how it goes.

Keg 1: empty
Keg 2: empty
Keg 3: Englishman's Nut-Brown Ale
Keg 4: empty
Beer Bucket: empty
Carboy: Not so grand Bohemian experiment
V-vessel: new, not in service yet

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Here is my estimate of what you will get.
4 cans of extract X 2.3% ABV/can = 9.2% for 2 gallons.
Since you brewed 5 gallons, you get 9.2% X 2 / 5 = 3.68%.
That is about what you get with a can of HME & a booster brewing 2 gallons.
I would add more fermentables. Good luck with your brew!


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