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Any fellow Canadians using Mr.Beer

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On ‎2015‎-‎03‎-‎14 at 1:40 AM, kraig927 said:

In sask here....good to see some other canadians taking up the hobby as well. Been brewing since november. Making my 8th batch monday

Weyburn for me, would like to find a place to buy the Mr Beer sanitizer.  Guy in town here only has b-brite.  But he does have cans of Coopers for $20, which I now just put one can of that in LBK instead of a Mr. Beer can + 1/2 bag of dry malt.  Which was getting really good taste on the Czech Pils with enough dry malt.  But now the Coopers Mexicans and euro lagers are my favorite.  That and I just pour in the can without worrying about scooping every last bit out of it.

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